OG Xbox games that no one played but deserve another chance

Thought it would be a fun experiment for everyone to give thier OG Xbox game that you felt was underrated or unseen

Here is my two games


This was Mirrors Edge before Mirrors Edge. First person melee combat game. Even during the cutscenes it remained first person. It has a really dynamic combat system that allowed you to pull off combos almost like a fighting game. You would have to flick the stick in a certain direction press a series of triggers or buttons to perform a variety of different punches/kicks. And for its time it had a deep level of intractability. Don’t expect Half Life, it’s not that deep lol. However, everything from picking up guns, food, to pressing the elevator button all had to be done manually by the player. The story, who the hell knows lol. Its Japanese nonsense that has to do with different dimensions or time travel or whatever to stop some bad guy who looks like evil Dante with genital warts all over his body.


Number Two

This was hands down the best RTS game for non RTS fans. Supremely underrated and forgotten amongst the Xbox community. Imagine starting as a typical RTS game. Managing troops and resources, finding out the best way to approach your enemy with positioning. Then once you engage the enemy the game goes from RTS to full on dynasty warriors. Yeah, its fuckin cool. But the coolest part of the game is the soundtrack. This game went full on Iron Maiden, Slayer, Megadeth, Slipknot levels of Heavy Metal soundtracks. From the moment the game begins to the very end of the campaign. It is full on Hard core heavy metal that really gets you in the mood to just fuck people up. Just listen to this and you will see, Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders - Gerald’s Intro Theme - YouTube. If this game were to be remade they would have to change one thing. Now me being the 7 year old wee little lad had no problems with this as a kid. But now yeah… this wouldn’t pass
Yup that is the main female character and she went into battle along with all the other dark elf women wearing nothing but a cape, sexy high heels, and bronze nipple plates. :+1:

But anyways, whats your underrated OG Xbox exclusive that deserves another shot


Definitely Gladius by LucasArts. A deep strategy RPG involving gladiators, played it so much back in the day and nobody cared.

Here’s a random video of it on YouTube

(Oops, missed the exclusive part, sorry)


I don’t know if it’d qualify for what your talking about or not, but I always felt Advent Rising had huge potential as a game and I’d like to see what a sequel could look like.

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I guess my vote will be for Deathrow, but a voice inside me thinks it might have aged very poorly, and so perhaps doesn’t really deserve another chance. I don’t actually know, haven’t played it for at least 15 years. I remember it as being a lot of fun though.

It’s basically a fighting game meets a team sport like Ultimate. But here’s a description of it, courtesy of Moby Games:

Deathrow is a brutal fighting sport where the fastest, toughest players are victorious and the slow and weak are defeated. It combines the lightning-fast game-play of third-person action games, adrenaline rush of fighting games and the cooperative team play and gritty roughness of rugby, offering a unique game-play experience. The object of Deathrow is to win matches however you can, either by scoring as many points as possible before time runs out, or by severely injuring your opponents and removing them from the field of combat.


This was THE game my friends and I played only back on original Xbox. Plus I made so many new friends through the game. I would buy a Midtown Madness 4 in a heartbeat.


Fight me.


It looks like Monday night combat. Seems cool


Quantum Redshift created by Wipeout designer Nick Burcombe and featured an original soundtrack by Junkie XL




Way better than the first game.

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Wait wtf, there was a sequel lol.

Yes and it’s awesome. You can create your own character.

Why this isn’t in BC?

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My guess is maybe technical reasons, I don’t remember the game having any licensed content.

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Honestly I’d give them all a chance (what’s available) if they had achievements.

Thinking back to my childhood the only games that I’d want to be BC that aren’t already are Topspin, the buffy games and the SpongeBob the movie game

I liked the 1st game more. I really like Brute Force, in many ways a eary Gears of War game. It gets lot of hate but SpikeOut was awesome fun on LIVE


This 2002 game gives some 2006 racing games on 360 its run for the money and has no reason to look this good.

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