Official packaging for Series S|X




Great looking boxes. Man Iā€™m so looking forward to Halo.

Does anyone know if the Microsoft store ship Consoles in there retail packaging or do they put it in another cardboard box?

Oh God! Imagine all the thefts if they do!

If you ordered a console to be delivered on launch day, definitely schedule that day to be off of work/school/etc. if possible.

Plus you dont want people seeing u got a seriesX and the box may get some wear and tear.

It is absolutely fantastic and really drives home how much faith they (mis)placed in 343.

Because of COVID-19, final validation work for consoles have probably taken longer than it would have taken in normal times. This probably means that retail console production started later than other launch years. To meet holiday demands, lot more consoles will have to be moved by air freights.