OD - The Game Awards 2023 Teaser Trailer - 4K

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS and XBOX GAME STUDIOS officially announced OD at The Game Awards. World-renowned game creator Hideo Kojima has partnered with Academy Award winning filmmaker Jordan Peele, the acclaimed film director of “Get Out,” “Us,” and “Nope,” who will be one of several talented storytellers involved in the project.

“We are working with Xbox Game Studios and their cloud gaming technology to take on the challenge of creating a very unique, immersive, and totally new style of game – or rather, a new form of media,” said Hideo Kojima, Game Creator and Founder of KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS.

A HIDEO KOJIMA GAME, OD explores the concept of testing your fear threshold, and what it means to OD on fear – while blurring the boundaries of gaming and film. The new teaser for OD also reveals Sophia Lillis (“Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves”), Hunter Schaffer (“Euphoria”) and Udo Kier (“Flesh for Frankenstein”), who will play the lead roles in the upcoming project.


Just like DS, it’s going to be a third person game lol. This time with a focus on horror.

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I’d like to be interested in this. But some meta human faces and uninformative blather from Kojima and Peele does nothing for me. Maybe it will be cool, maybe it won’t. I have no idea how to even judge.

“Its new and revolutionary, trust me bro”

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That was some weird nonsense as expected from my boy, gimme some horror goodness Hideo


Sophia Lillis is brilliant, and Jordan Peele being involved has me hyped up to the sky.

Jordan Peele is a brillant director. Nope was very original.

Kojima is Kojima and this trailer is what you can expect from him as a teaser.

This game would be ps5 exclusive, the internet would be all over it.

Honestly, we have seen more from this game than Project Mara.

And? I have zero interest in that currently either. I don’t get excited by a well rendered kitchenette.

There is nothing to be seen. Right. Like Project Mara. In fact I prefer, horror games should have no trailer. It is all about the surprise.

Not only is there nothing to be seen, but they also can’t even tell you what the game is. Except that it so new, so creative, new form of media!

I’m not saying that it will or won’t be good. What I am saying has nothing to do with the game at all. It is entirely based on it being nothing a but title with some people attached and completely vague statements about how new and creative it is.