Oculus Quest 2 leaked


Meet Quest 2 : Learn with Facebook

Get to know the new Oculus headset with video demos highlighting its most important features.

Oculus Quest 2 Leaked By Facebook, Features XR2, ‘Almost 4K’

It looks like Oculus Quest 2 leaked again, and this time by Facebook itself, confirming a ton of information about the kit. Text uploadvr.com uploadvr.com


Qualcomm XR-2


2K Per eye

Up to 256gb storage

Hand tracking in some games

Forced Facebook Login = dead on arrival for me. I was genuinely interested in Quest V2, but not anymore.

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I dont mind making a Facebook account as long as I dont have to use my real name.

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I was 100% on board with this, but the Facebook thing has me rethinking my decision.

Also annoyed it’s white. Bigger chance to get dirty/discolour.

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Yes, the idea of having a public online profile of oneself is horrible. I dont mind giving facebook my name but its really weird that they require your public facebook name to be your real one.

You think Xbox could support it eventually, and/or other headsets? With the Mixer deal you never know.

I think Microsoft will eventually support VR, but unsure if it’s their own headset or if they will allow third party headsets. I think it’s something that has to happen soon since a couple of Microsoft titles seem to have VR features and inExile is making a VR fps game, so would be awkward if it skips out on xbox since no VR solution.

If Oculus is partner for xbox then I hope if playing on console it skips the facebook integration

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Yeah it’s starting to look weird, with Minecraft getting a PSVR update, Half Life Alyx being one of the GOTY, inXile, etc.

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Yeah, and I think Ninja’s Theory Project Mara will have VR features. Plus, I’m sure Forza 8 will have VR on PC, so I feel Microsoft needs to let us know what VR situation is because it will become awkward if inhouse studios are making features and games that aren’t available to console gamers.

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Yeah at this point they have to have some sort of plan… Maybe they are just waiting for the right moment to announce it.

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I think the only issue with Microsoft teaming up with oculus/facebook is that they would dispute over where the games for it are sold, oculus would want an oculus store on xbox and Microsoft would want there 30% cut on every game sold. Maybe they work something out but I doubt it.

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Would be cool if they announce VR solution for the XO event to let us know it’s on the way. I think this gen since CPU is stronger we’ll have third party gens creating games that have VR features. For example it kind of sucks if on Xbox you’ll miss out on Hitman’s vr feature

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Yeah it’s definitely a good timing to come in imo, VR is starting to be good and more affordable, at least for some headsets.

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Honestly if they can give me some worthwhile content, I might just pick this up, especially since this supports the PC Linking feature.

Can you play Steam games with this or is it just restricted to games off their store?

I mean, why not do it like Xbox/PS now? YEah you have my real details, but display my Gamertag

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Indeed wonder how such a big business company can be so clueless about that and didn’t think it would just anger the customers by revealing private informations publicly. I think it is done on purpose…

May be worthwhile if it plays Medal of Honor and Alyx.

Pretty nice tbh

I’ll admit, $299 brings me back to the table a bit. I hate Facebook and I don’t want to sign in via Facebook, but if I could create a 2nd account without giving them my entire life/identity, I might bite on this.