Oculus Quest 2 is disappointing

So i get over the good points first.

  • Room scale and the guardian system is excellent, you map out your boundry and it just works, its like your own personal holodeck

  • The controller tracking is superb, its one to one, the controllers are excellent, they have hd rumble like the switch and they even tell where you put your fingers, grasping and touching things in vr feels great.

  • The onboard audio is very good, it actually has some good bass.

Now The Bad

  • I cant get the IPD perfect, I can still see the outline of the plastic surrounding the lenses

  • Picture quality is worse the my samsung galaxy 6 with gear VR, lack of OLED really stands out everything is grey instead of black in dark areas. Light sources smear and blur as also does text, there are other visual artifacts going on in the lenses

  • I honestly was not expecting worse visual quality then PSVR, I think its because there is an alignment problem, going with 3 static IPD settings was a huge mistake, IPD requires precision (well, on quest2 it does)

Its such a shame because if these issues were not there it would be excellent.



Thanks for the info. At $300 I was thinking about getting one of these, but the forced Facebook account soured me greatly on it. I still have an original Htc Vive and while it’s still pretty good, I would like a newer headset that doesn’t cost me $1,000 like the Index. :smile:


That’s a shame. I was looking into one of these for next year.

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Unfortunately something is definitely up. I googled “quest 2 blurry” and theres a reddit thread with many users reporting the same thing.

I never used a quest 1 but on the reddit thread , people who have both said the quest 1 does not have the same issue.

I have the Quest one. It’s very good. Can’t imagine it without the slider though.

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Thanks for the info I was thinking about dipping my toe in the quest 2 but with the Facebook accounts crap and this type of feedback I’ll wait for something better.

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Thanks for the heads up! Was thinking of getting one but I hated the picture quality of PS VR so I think ill give this one a miss! Good post!

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I guess nothing measures up to the holodeck :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your thoughts. The mandatory Facebook account makes this a non-starter for me but it’s still neat to read about tech.

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Its seems to be quite a serious issue, oculus are apparently using two different lense manufacturers, and one of them is causing the issues.

Here is a pic I found of somone photoshoping a comparison of quest1 (left) and quest2 (right), to what it actually looks like, and he got it spot on, this is what i was experiencing, an almost double vision. CYJHI3O_d

Wow, that’s pretty noticeable. Can’t imagine how it must look so close to your eye too. I hope the people affected (including you of course) get satisfaction.