Octopath Traveler I & II surprise drop into Xbox Game Pass


ROG Ally, you got a job to do.

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In addition to that, OT1 is back on GamePass too.


oh, thats a nice surprise!


'twas both games


best games to play on the Xbox Series P when it launches. Smart move by all parties.

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has anyone played the 2nd one and is it good?

Square actually outdone themselves by releasing both to Game Pass. That bridge is looking mighty good.


Even better!


Jason Schreier said it’s one of the best RPGs he’s ever played and he rated it quite higher than the first one.

That being said this was before it came to Xbox so please apply taxes where necessary.


“It was the best JRPG ever. Now, it’s just okay. I think I realized it around June 5.”


This is great and all but you would think that Microsoft/Square Enix would have saved this for the Xbox Games Showcase since it’s only four days away. Granted, they will probably have Visions of Mana with a release date and perhaps Final Fantasy XVI and even if that is the case, they could have led into that.

Octopath Traveler II on Game Pass now along with the return of Octopath Traveler to Game Pass followed by Visions of Mana and then, wait, here’s one more thing - Final Fantasy XVI launching later this year on Xbox Series X/S. Still plenty of time to play Octo 1 & 2 as well as Mana so I don’t think XVI would have overshadowed them either.

Haters will say it’s Xbox but true fans know it’s because he read the latest Chainsaw Man chapter.

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Nice! I wasn’t expecting this to release on past gen. Im gonna have to sub back into GP for a month or two for this game lol.


Nah. As good as these games are, I doubt anybody wants to see them at the showcase. As you mention, an FF XVI or FF 7 would be more showcase worthy.

I maybe would have thought this BiTD but these days they have so much potential content for their shows it’s not surprising at all that an announce of this level is pushed out to just before a big show. Great sign for the health of the Xbox pipeline.

Ok with these being on until 2026 fo I finally play them. :thinking:

I get that maybe these games wouldn’t be “huge” announcements but a two minute trailer showing Octo 2 and also mentioning that Octo 1 are both on Game Pass “today” followed by Visions of Mana gameplay trailer and release date followed by, “we have one more announcement to make” being FF XVI would have been awesome. It builds up to the big game but at the same time, people would be like, that’s it and then at the end, be like oh shit!! lol

I always think back to E3 2018 when The Coalition showed off Gears Tactics from Splash Damage and then Gears Pop which everyone hated and was like, WTF? And then, boom!! Here’s Gears 5.

Too late now but I personally would have saved them for the showcase.

People would be pissed if they only showed a mobile game for Gears lmao.

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That would have been their Diablo Immortal moment.

By the way, this game is officially announced via Game Pass. I guess that means this wasn’t intended to be presented at Showcase. That leaves to Vision and maybe one more from Square.