October Xbox Update: 4K Dashboard, Xbox Night Mode, and More - Xbox Wire

4K Dashboard on Xbox Series X

One of the ways Xbox Series X delivers next gen gaming is with true-to-life 4K gaming. Prior to today’s update, the Xbox Series X dashboard, Guide, and other menus were upscaled from 1080p to 4K. We know players with an eye for detail and an appreciation for 4K wanted a crisp experience even when navigating the dashboard. We heard your feedback and started testing increased resolution for the dashboard.

We’re excited to share that starting today, players with an Xbox Series X connected to a 4K display will see the dashboard natively rendered in 4K. You can experience 4K while browsing the Home, My Games & Apps, Guide, and many other experiences. UI elements on the screen, such as game art and buttons, will have increased sharpness and improved text readability.

Xbox Night Mode

Xbox night mode is a suite of settings that adjusts light sources to help keep rooms dark at night and support gamers who are sensitive to light. You can dim and customize the light from the connected display, the power button on your controller, and the power light on your console. If you’re a movie fan, you can now enjoy theater-like total darkness while watching your favorite films!

In addition to dimming, Xbox night mode also adds a customizable blue light filter for your display. This feature is specific for Xbox Series X|S consoles.

All of this customization works across the Xbox system, apps, and games, and does not impact performance, screenshots or game clips.

You can also create a night mode schedule that will dynamically switch between Dark and Light theme. You can manually toggle night mode on and off, time it with the sunrise and sunset, or create your own schedule.

To start using Xbox night mode to dim and filter your screen, as well as dim your console & controller LED brightness, go to Settings > Accessibility > Night mode or Settings > TV & display options > Night mode.

Quick Settings

We are making it even easier for you to quickly access and customize your accessibility settings by adding the Quick Settings menu to the Xbox Guide. This allows you to quickly toggle accessibility features without leaving your game or app. It’s also a big benefit for families if you share a console with others who have different accessibility needs. You can use quick settings to switch features on or off, depending on who is currently using the console. That means everyone in the family can easily flip the settings to their tailored experience.


So this should be available like this or next week for everyone?

Now people will stop complaining about the dashboard not being 4k…

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Oooh, insiders. I thought for everyone.

No it’s out for everyone, he is just thanking insiders for their help on testing the build that is going out to all Xbox users at 7am GMT today which is everything in this post.

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My bad.


We can start complaining that it’s not 8K!


Its good they managed to do a 4K dash while not reducing memory capacity for games.

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Next it needs HDR.

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Nightmode and dimming work really well and i like the new audio settings for auto muting if you connect a headphone.

(I was not expecting the dash to be 4K so soon tbh)

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Barely noticeable (to ME).

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Turning off them lights in dark mode first thing.

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Its live and yeah the things they updated look a lot crisper. But not every part is updated yet. For example the settings tile. So you can see the difference.

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It is noticeable on game tiles and texts. But you really have to look at comparisons, because you get used to it pretty much instantly.

And like @Khalid117x said, most elements are 4K, but not all of them, like the X|S badge on games, so your brain seeing low res here and there can trick you into thinking nothing has changed although it’s not true.

Ooh, dimming the light on the console and controller is great!

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Where is the blue light filter thingy? all i see is dim controller and console lights and dim the display lights i thought they also have a bluelight filter where is that don’t see it.

YOu can tell its a bit sharper but that depends on the 4k TV you got. I got a huge 60+ one and 1080p interface clearly looked 1080p.

Heres the issue with this 4k stuff though. Its nice but the way the Xbox UI is designed its not really making the best use of 4. probably need a bit more room for background images.