October 2022 Xbox Update is DUFF

Has anyone had issues with semibricking after the xbox update? I updated 2 separate consoles and both developed hanging, failing to load, freezes, usb peripheral unrecognition and garbled audio.

Welcome to community! And sorry but no, I haven’t have any problems with this update.

Thanks Kals

Official update or insider? I haven’t checked yet if I got the update, but I do have “keep apps and games uprated” checked. Even though way too often it doesn’t do they at all.

It was an official update, so Ive been googling possible fixes and the next update preveiw might fix it. The first was an xbox one x and the second was an xbox one, both had the same issues after the update. I was advised to try reset keeping games and apps and it was the same with the same issues after the reset.

No issues at all throughout my entire local gaming circle. Not one issue on the update process.

Nothing here either…

Have you raised it with support? They are actually rather good.


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If you continue to have issues, have you attempted any of the usual troubleshooting steps?

  • First would be attempting a Factory Reset of the consoles.
  • Second would be doing the USB Offline Recovery update process.

Neither of these processes are difficult to do, only takes a bit of time to go through the steps. The first step has two different levels. First try “Reset and keep my games & apps” and if that doesn’t work you can try “Reset and remove everything” option too.

If its something more, then going through the Offline USB Update may be needed.



Thanks BRiT

Thanks Hue, I sent in multiple reports from both consoles over the past 6 days since it occurred.

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For anyone with similar issues Xbox has acknowledged the issues with the update as I described and they posted this;

Quoted from xbox insiders tweet;

“Users experiencing issues with your steering wheel, the latest 2210 update (2210.221026-1300) that includes the fix becomes available to all Omega ring users at 12:00 p.m. PT today. Instruction for enrolling in the Xbox Update Preview…”

7:13 PM · Oct 28, 2022 That was 2 Days ago

Some users are posting that It did not fix their particular issues with peripherals. (The Insiders Preview released 28/10/22 fixes 99% of the issues, details are on the xbox insider twitter feed)

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