Observer Redux just got patched that improved performance

Been playing redux since Series X came out and the game looks amazing but was a tad sluggish. I notice the usual troll sites are trying to use this game as ammo against the Series X.

A few hours ago I launched it and got a 2.5 GB patch. The patch fixed brightness issues and dramatically improved performance when 4k is checked. Game runs pretty good now and it is most definitely doing Ray tracing not sure why people think it’s not. It does not have an on off Ray tracing toggle but it is being done in the game and is widely used in every area.


Thanks, I’ll give it a try now.

Can you share some screenshots of the RT?

We need DF opinion on this. Has update actually brought ray tracing to it? We will see.

Also, it’s obvious at this point that studios across the industry are effected by covid and they are having hard times optimising games for each platform.

Many are simply choosing to go one platform at a time.

With squadron, rocket league and warfare - devs went with Xbox

For observer and DMC5- devs went with PS5 first.

This website is saying series x doesn’t have ray tracing. They claim only the ps5 has raytracing

Clickbait web article versus OP’s own eyes :). Perhaps we should wait for some better web sources before pressing the panic button on this one.


Sorry but just because of the settings toggle difference does not mean the XSX version does not have Ray tracing, just means you can’t turn it off.

All it takes is 5 mins playing the game to see it. Nearly every reflective surface has Ray tracing that is dynamic and changes reflection on angle and reflection intensity as you move around. It is a completely dynamic lighting effect.

I think too many people are jumping to conclusions without actually playing it. I got probably 10 hrs in on the XSX version.

If I’m wrong then the game has the best fake Ray tracing I’ve seen on nearly every surface.



I’ll check my game to try and get to those same area’s after yesterdays patch, currently stuck in an area where I’m reliving the murder of someone. If I’m wrong about the ray tracing it seems actual RAY tracing is only used in certain places cause the game itself currently has tons of dynamic lighting and reflective surfaces that change the reflection on movement.

Either way though yesterdays patch greatly improved performance, I did not get prompted for the patch until I launched the game last night.

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Clearly no RT on series X.

Ubi did have RT ready but i guess we gotta keep in mind that Bloober Team is much smaller. May take them more time? I’m guessing it all has to do with the tools?

Seems like it. RT support on SX seems to came in very hot.

I wonder if they will patch once the GDK is updated to add it in.

This reminds me of earlier this year when a rumour appeared that The Medium didn’t have RT. Bloober said it was not true, but here we have Observer Redux. But if The Medium really releases in January and has RT, it should mean they have everything they needed. Hopefully they patch it for Observer, yeah.

So the devs talked about the patch. Un clear if it added Ray tracing or just fixed it.

Dear Xbox Players - Patch for Xbox series X and Xbox series S is live! We also inform that we are working on increasing the game's performance and solve problems with ray tracing

— Observer SR (@ObserverRedux) November 17, 2020
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This reads like more performance improvements are on the way and that the RT issues are also only going to be resolved at a later date

Wonder if the Ray tracing issues are it does not currently work at all or it works but has some things broken?

If it works there is a toggle for it on and off.

Not necessarily, that would mean the PS5 does not have a 4k mode since that version has no 4k toggle.

Not sure how recent the above comparison is but going by them there seems to be no RT at all on SX