NXgamer: Grounded visual analysis

A rather good little visual analysis for the grounded beta

X1: 720p + taa, a mix of medium + low settings X1X: 1080P + taa high settings mainly

These seem low but it is a work in progress and will likely improve.

Share the content of this man. He is a good one! :raising_hand_man:

Its no TLOU2, but for a team of just 12 people Im quite surprised by grounded’s visuals, they are quite polished.

They’ve nailed the feeling of being small. Those imposing blades of grass, the noises in the background and the fact you can see the house.

Really well done. I’m looking forward to see this game grow.


The story stuff that’s in there is so good, I can’t wait to see what the entire campaign is.

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I haven’t really been into survival games since getting burnt out on Ark but I’ve been having a ton of fun playing this. The team has done such an awesome job injecting so much personality into the world and critters crawling around.


Loving the game so far.

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The lady bugs tho :heart_eyes:


I’ve really been enjoying the game so far, and I generally don’t like survival games (other than Ark and that weird semi-survival mode they added to Tomb Raider).

I’m really hoping they add raytracing on the Series X.

Saw this earlier and it made my day and also crushed it at the same time RIP :sob: the start was so peaceful.


Poor Ladybug :frowning: I love how they sound like massive monsters too. First time I heard it, I was scared a Spider or something was coming. Then it was a Ladybug and I was just like :sweat_smile:. lol

This game is a diamond in the dust. It has a lot of potential to be something bigger and more ambitious. Hope Obsidian keep improving it & polishing it because it is really a charming game with lots of great ideas and a good gameplay loop. Love it!

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