Notification spam!

Is there a reason I get 5 (of the same) notification popups when an article is posted on the XboxEra website?

I don’t want to turn them off, I would like to have just one (1) per article please.

Interesting. Those are the browser notifications in Chrome/Edge/Firefox/etc?

Yes, in Chrome. It’s annoying af :wink: It is not for every news item either, but it freaks out several times every day.

Strange. Has this happened ever since you turned the notifications on? Or just recently?

Thanks for the heads up Mort. I experienced this today myself - I am investigating. :green_heart:


I’ve had notifications on since… always? It has happened before, but it’s more often lately.

Thanks! Hope it’s just a setting somewhere :slight_smile:

Maybe you are receiving a notification every time we update the news article?

I’ve updated Quake’s article today as things were being revealed. Was this one of the notifications that bothered you?

@Predrag any way to avoid sending notifications from updates?

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Indeed it was! You must be very fast though, because it’s literally spamming the notifications like one after the other.

Fuck, I’m so sorry for those poor guys who subscribed to the Optimized Games page

Thanks for reporting it!

Edit: Yeah, in today’s case I put out the news story, then updated it with a print screen of the store, then updated it with official screenshots… it was all happening too fast :sweat_smile:

Yesterday night I changed the Train Sim’s featured art two or three times lol

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Haha of course it’s Bruno the Machine :wink: Yeah well I thought I’d ask before I just turned them off. They are a very nice feature.

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Aha, that was another of the spamattackers. I think we found the problem :wink:

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I’m sure we will fix that! Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you so much for using us as a news source! :slight_smile:

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I really appreciate the fast news on the site, more often than not I hear it here first. Keep up the good work!

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It’s doing it again… Yes, yes I know Minecraft Dungeons is coming to Steam. You have told me 4 times now…

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I got it too (which served as a handy reminder to dig into the settings of the plugin to see what I wrangle. :slight_smile:

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Sorry, I added a screenshot of the Steam page.

And I added some text.

And I might have added a link.



Haha, all good. Just wanted to let you know.

We think we found the setting that causes this. Let us know if it occurs again!

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Awesome! Will do.