Noshahr is a remake of Noshahr Canals from the Battlefield franchise, with a Halo twist and theme. Enjoy 12v12 on my best map in a Halo game to date in BTB Slayer, Strongholds, or KOTH.

Huge thank you to GT: Azwilko1997 (Twitter: for designing the background and nature and collaborating on this map.

It’s been a non-stop grind all week to get this map out to the public in a high-quality manner.

Please report any bugs or issues directly to me via Discord, Twitter, or Xbox (GamerPeepFreaks for all three). I have been unable to get bots to work as of yet, but I will continue to work on it.

Sadly, due to a bug within Infinite, some objects reset to Color Spread 30 in Customs, when in reality I set them to color spread 1 in Forge. Hopefully, this will be fixed soon as it causes some visual issues with the map itself.


I spent way too many hours in this map.