Nobody Saves the World - a top-down action RPG by the creators of Guacamelee! - is launching on Xbox Game Pass January 18th

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Drinkbox, the studio behind Guacamelee! has revealed that their next game Nobody Saves the World is coming to Xbox Game Pass on January 18th. In a new trailer the release date was revealed.

Nobody Saves the World is an action RPG where you play as Nobody, who sets out to save the world. The game includes an online c-op mode, so you can bring a friend with you on your adventures. The world of Nobody Saves the World includes plenty of procedurally generated dungeons, in true isometric action RPG fashion.

Nobody Saves the World will launch January 18th on Xbox and PC. And will be available on Xbox Game Pass at the day of release.


I had my eye on this game. Definitely will play day one.


I played the demo of this last month. It’s a good get for Game Pass.


I think I’ll try this one!

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I have the demo installed and played some of it. I think it will be a fun game but the art style may turn some people off.

It has a little of that “CalArts” style…

I actually loved the art style, and it was seriously fun when I played the demo on Xbox!

Really excited to try this one. Looks like a blast. great palate cleanser game.

I didn’t try the demo, but this seems a huge step forward compared to Guacamelee. My only concern were the procedural dungeons, I feared this was a roguelike, a genre I strongly dislike.

Does anyone know if the demo progress is saved for the full game? I’d probably jump back in if it does, otherwise I’m waiting.