No Rest For the Wicked Review In Progress


I can understand perfectly well your frustrations, it sounds like stuff I’d really dislike too.

Let’s indeed hope Moon Studios changes things for the better and once it’s out of early access that we have a game that is enjoyable, challenging but fair and with less annoyances.

I wonder when this will exit early access, and then come to Xbox.

Nice review in progress!

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Really hoping Moon Studios adjusts some things because while im interested in the game, losing everything you gain when dying is something I hate in games and why I never plays souls or rogue like games. Not a fan of weapon durability either but I can deal with that if it’s not extreme. The healing though sounds bad just because you have to constantly find/gather food and then cook it. If anything, these aspects are kinda killing the “action” part in action RPG that it’s supposed to be but hopefully, Moon Studios adjusts all this stuff before they 1.0 release which if I had to guess would probably be in a year from now.

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You don’t lose anything when you die by default, only durability.

You say by default, does that mean it’s adjustable? I watched the Iron Lords segment for the game and Addict said when you die, you lose everything so unless I misunderstood what he was saying, that would be a huge turn off.

Since you’re saying you don’t, I hope that’s the case because that’s an automatic negative for me in any game so if this doesn’t apply, then awesome because the durability aspect and even the food aspect I can deal with as long as it’s not extreme.

Thanks Jesse.

I remember grounded and pub g not being liked a lot when they were in early access and it worked out fine. It’s the point of early access to get feedback and adjust

You do not lose a thing when you die except for a small amount of durability. There are some negative effects on gear that can have you lose some experience on a death. I simply chose to not wear those types of items.

Okay. Gotcha. And yeah, I would stay away from those gear items too. Thanks Jesse as im now still very interested in the game when it eventually comes to Xbox. :slight_smile:

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