No impulse triggers in Valhalla? And weird rumble on XSX dash

Hey all,

Bit of a weird one that I’m not sure if directly linked or if the two are just a coincidence. I’ve been posting a lot of twitter about this, but want to get a little bit more clear a picture. Essentially it involves two parts:

  1. In Assassins Creed Valhalla, the impulse triggers don’t appear to actually work. (Even though the box says otherwise). Could any owners of the game on any Xbox system tell me… do they work for you? And if so, what console? I’ve tested 5 controllers over 3 consoles (XSX, 1S, 1X) and no dice on any.

  2. Another issue I’ve noticed across those same controllers and consoles is in regard to the Xbox dashboard. Usually, pressing the guide button will bring up the power/shut down UI, during which a faint rumble will occur. However, this appears to be… broken? It will either do a full “bzzzzt”, a very faint “bzt”, or nothing at all. Does this still occur for you? And on what console?

Now these may seem trivial to you but I assure you, these are life or death matters and without more information the world could explode (it’s actually just bugging me).

Thanks guys, hope you’re all enjoying the new consoles and staying safe out there!

It’s a bug, I reported it to microsoft.

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  1. Sometimes I feel something in Valhalla in regards to impulse triggers but nothing mega altering.

  2. for some reason that buzz is also gone.

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Now that you mention it, no haven’t noticed then during Valhalla, even though it was mention on the box. Very strange. Maybe it’s worth taking up with Ubi…


Where did you report it if you don’t mind me asking?

Support and ubisoft. Not sure it will do anything though. AC:Vahalla needs a serious patch especially for the screen tearing.

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Ubisoft are surely aware of the screen tearing issue. Not so sure about the impulse triggers issue. But will they do anything about it…? Who knows these days.

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