Nintendo has now sold 61.44 million Nintendo Switch units and 22.4 million copies of Animal Crossing

Via Tom Warren.

The Switch is on fire. Holy hell.

WOW Animal Crossing is the most powerful first party franchise lol

Awesome stuff, I pretty much only bought my Switch for Pokemon but bought Animal Crossing because all the hype around it. It’s pretty good but I do find myself not really playing switch as much as I thought, still love it though!

I own a switch just for Xenoblade and Zelda and other JRPG’S.


Still not outsold this bad boy :wink:

I wonder if xbox can tab into that market with its cloudgaming initiative. I personally think the switch is overhyped, most of the library consists of re-releases and remaster. It’s also underpowered. Nothing for me, but cool to see Nintendo has success with this.

The Switch is definitely not for me. I think the tech is outdated and I don’t care at all for portability, the ergonomics of the controller were the final nail in the coffin for me but Nintendo did it again. Their hardware success is a little bit hit and miss when it comes to consoles but I can only say congratulations, Nintendo. I never thought this little thing could do as mus as it did and I wonder what it will be able to do in the future.

From the very unviel video of the switch I knew it was going to be a big hit. I think they can get to 100million by 2023 especially of they do an even smaller version. One that is truly pocketable.

Great for Nintendo, they’ve been leaders in the handheld market forever, turns out a hybrid console was the best idea they’ve had in a while. Can’t say I’ve been using mine too much so far (I beat Mario Odyssey, playing Astral Chain now), the game prices here in Canada are absolutely awful, even on used games. But there are a couple games I’m looking forward to (BotW2, Metroid 4 and trilogy?) so I’ll keep it !

Crazy how much their games sell compared to any other console platform. It’s awesome to see all 3 big guys doing well, it’s good for us!


A bit more numbers.

Nintendo shipped 5.68 million Switches this last quarter. In the same quarter last year, they shipped 2.13 million Switches. This is 167% rise year-over-year.

To add, 61.44 million units the Switch has shipped upto this report… is actually higher than PS4, launches aligned. The PS4 had shipped 60 million units on the dot by March 31st, 2017.

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Well dang… Animal Crossing won 2020.

uh… I wonder how the animals on my island are doing.

Insane numbers for Nintendo.

I owned a Switch for two years and completed five exclusives -

  1. Mario & Rabbids; Kingdom Battle - 8.5/10
  2. The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening - 8.5/10
  3. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze - 8.0/10
  4. New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe - 7.0/10
  5. Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance 3 - 7.0/10

Great to good games but overall, the console just wasn’t for me and I traded it in after Link’s Awakening but for those who love Nintendo and/or portable gaming from Nintendo, it’s by far their best console. Tech wise, it’s good for what it is but not truly for someone like me.

With that said, it’s great to see Nintendo do amazing with Switch after the disaster known as Wii U. A healthy is great for the industry in general and for all gamers.