Nintendo Disagrees With Sony About Games Industry Slump


I do think Nintendo insulating themselves from the broader, ephemeral, more fragile “AAA” ecosystem of the video games industry is precisely why they are more immune to trends and fads within the broader industry (for both, good and for bad). Whether or not Nintendo’s confidence in this regard is well founded or not remains to be seen, but the Switch is exhibiting extraordinary resilience for a platform in its sixth year on the market - even without the other extenuating factors at play.


I agree with Nintendo here.

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I’m not really surprised. Nintendo always had better financial discipline and margins than Sony. They also don’t have an expensive 500$ console and 70$ games right in the middle of a recession. And they didn’t raise their customers to hate old games. Instead they sold almost 50 million copies of a 8 year old game like Mario Kart.


I will not take this Nintendo Switch Sports slander. The game is a banger…


Honestly it was the perfect game for earlier this summer when I had family visiting from Texas. What better way to entertain kids and adults than Switch Sports.


Its a bang average cash grab.

But nintendo can get away with charging full price for old ports and tech demos.

*Fun casual games for mainstream people that literally dont care about quality.

Sucks? yes, but they know what they’re doing