Nintendo Direct - 09/23/2021

A Nintendo Direct will take place on 09/23 at 3 PM PT/6 PM ET/10 PM GMT! It will be 40 minutes long and will focus on games releasing this winter.

Link to YouTube stream:


Hopefully Hollow Knight Silksong release date…

Us hoping for anything Silksong related:

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Also I’m willing to bet Bayonetta 3 will be a no-show once again. Metroid Dread, Pokemon Legends Arceus, the Sinnoh remakes, and the final Smash fighter are locks for this imo.


Guessing the Castlevania Advance Collection will be announced here.

I hope they do a one-more-thing and it’s Xenoblade 3. It says “mostly” Winter games so I expect to see something that’s farther out.

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This my hope as well. Kind of a wild prediction but I can see it possibly happening as a “one more thing”. The hype would be crazy.

Pls be good


Time for some Xenoblade

I knew this one was coming


I’d post the screenshot from the NintendoEra Discord but they might not want me to


Nintendo 64 on NSO let’s gooooooooooo

Dragon Ball GIF by TOEI Animation UK


I’ll be disappointed if the Pokémon Gameboy & Color games aren’t there. Pokémon Stadium for N64 could work too.

Guarantee Stadium will be there. Guarantee the mainline games will not.

Welcome! :slight_smile:


Hiya! :slight_smile:

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:craig: At least I have the mainline games on 3DS

Welcome in our humble home :slight_smile:


Nice to have you here Phantom. It’s been a while.

And yeah, I do hope this is good. Though I’ll keep my expectations on the lower end.


Will good guy Phil appear and let Banjo and Conker visit their past home :thinking:

Excited to see this one :slight_smile: Even if it’s at a bad time for EU for once- More BC stuff on NSO would be fun.

Unless it’s releasing this winter, unlikely. Probably some more late ports tho.

I’m so fucking pumped for this Direct.

Nintendo, please update Animal Crossing.

It’s so boring now.