Nintendo Direct - 09/12/2022

Looks like we’ve got a Direct tomorrow at 7 AM PST/10 AM EST/2 PM GMT! This one will be 40 minutes long, focusing on games releasing on the Switch this winter. Should be an interesting day with this and the State of Play.

Here’s the link to the YouTube stream:


So, what’re we expecting and hoping for? I feel like Bayonetta 3 is practically guaranteed to be here, with BOTW2 having a good chance of showing up too. Advance Wars as well. Besides that, not sure. Maybe a new Fire Emblem?

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What I expect to see

  • Bayo 3. Though I’ve seen enough tbh.
  • Wind Waker and Twilight Princess HD ports. I’m not interested in buying 'em again though
  • Fatal Frame 4 remaster, I’m guessing it’ll be on Xbox like FF5
  • Metroid Prime ports. I’ll pick this up, I only ever played 3.
  • Possibly another Harvestella trailer
  • What’s coming for Splatoon 3

Maybe Gust’s Fire Emblem. That seemingly leaked a little while back.

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Nintendo did good this year so far when it comes to Direct, especially the one in March I think.

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Wind Waker HD port and MEtroid Prime remaster or prefebly the Trilogy would be amazing.

Seriously I’ll go crazy if even ONE of those things happen.

I know it won’t happen but can I get a new Mario or that rumored DK game from the Odyssey team?

Mario Movie trailer or clip

I can see something on BOTW2.

Zelda collection or separate HD games

Gust Fire Emblem! And the toothpaste girl was real :joy:!

English in a JRPG, for me it doesn’t get more cringe. I fucking hate it with a passion.

500k english, 500k japanese viewership for now

Agreed it just doesn’t work lol

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I’ve never even played a Fire Emblem before but I’ve always been interested in the rumors for this one as a Gust fan. Looked pretty good

Also it seems Japanese stream is slightly different from english one

Nintendo is like “Don’t get comfy, Xbox.”

Fatal Frame 4. Hopefully coming to Xbox!


How long we have to wait to see which platform gets what.

550k EN, 570k JP

After the Direct I guess.