Nintendo Direct - 02.08.2023

Going live shortly! Let’s have a thread to contain the chatter about it in.

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I like how they have the little disclaimer while we wait setting expectations

Shadow drop it. I dare you!

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Pikmin at $70 would baffle me, but I guess we’ll just have to see.

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Focusing on first half. Show a game coming in next half.

It does say “mostly” :sweat_smile:

Oh I missed it. Lol.

This is Sega, but the Joycon controls tell me it’s Switch exclusive.


I agree what is this :laughing:?

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Shit, Ghost Trick!

Please bring it to Xbox Capcom!

Level 5 just showed a cool police JRPG. Let’s see if Xbox actually talked to them besides Ni no Kuni.

Also Level 5’s first Western release in a really long time.


I haven’t follow much but feels like Level 5 is doing some work again.

It’s good to see Level 5 going back to consoles. Didn’t they make mobile games for a long time now?



No they’ve been making console games but only releasing them in Japan. This is the first Western release in a long time.

Bayonetta looks lame lol. Completely not worth the price.

Thank god, classic Capcom games aren’t off the table for Xbox.

Ghost Trick is an Ace Attorney team game too.


Maybe they shouldn’t say focusing on first half. Good amount of mix.

Pikmin 3 looked nice! I might get that, not for 70 bucks though. I also wonder if the game will have a timer.

Fuck yeah! Ghost Trick is a fantastic game and I really hope y’all give it a chance


Curious but is $70 confirmed for new Nintendo games?