Nintendo account 2FA: What to do when I've lost them?

So I want to log into my Nintendo account, I know the password and all is fine. Then it wants me to log into Nintendo account two step verification. It tells me to open the authenticator app and put in the key displayed there.

The problem is, this is a new phone, a long time ago I set up two step verification on my older phone that I can’t access due to battery being dead. I also don’t have the backup code.

I decided to check in the Switch settings and in my account I see a QR code but when I scan it with my phone it says cannot interpret code.

What can I do?

The old phone’s battery is dead? It won’t even turn on when connected to power? Does it have a removable battery? Is there anything like backup codes that you might have saved somewhere safe? You said that the QR code can’t be scanned, is that on the Switch itself or on a TV screen? Your last option is reaching out to customer service.

For future reference, I would recommend using a password manager like 1Password. That comes with an authenticator app as well, and you can access that from any device you have it installed on and a browser extension:


Best of luck!

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Step 1. Don’t Panic.

Step 2. Contact Nintendo Support

Step 3. Grab Ankles

Step 4. Kick Ass Goodbye.

Step 5. Ignore Steps 3 & 4.

I’m glad to say I got it working today.

My old phone, a OnePlus 3 has a very bad charging port, it can’t charge normally anymore, but I managed to lay it down in a position that it was charging and I could go about doing my things until it was like charged for 50 %. I immediately opened the Authenticator app, exported it to a QR code, scanned it with new phone , done!

Thanks though:)


Yeah there is a process to move over the authenticator app to your new phone. Something to consider but I chose not to so in case I lose my phone I have the authenticator app somewhere else and safe.


Yes, since you were able to bring the phone back, transfer your stuff over to a functional device! And try to get backup codes for everything.