Ninja Theory: Dreadnought Diaries Episode 3 - Capturing Reality (Project: Mara)

Ninja Theory show off an insane level of detail in their latest ViDoc for Project Mara!


Incredible to think how realistic games will look in the future as we’re moving more and more into scanning and procedural generation.


Impressive stuff here. Ninja Theory is a very talented studio.

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Holy fucking shit :scream:

Not only the results are super impressive, but also how they say their system makes easy to create infinite variations of the objects so they have unique but real looking assets every where.

And of course, the potential implications of having such a system shared among all the studios


In my opinion, this game looks like it is being built with VR in mind.

There’s no reason to be adding this level of detail to a space when you’ll never be able to see it due to the camera limitations of standard play.

If Xbox could launch a VR headset or at least support it on their console, and then have this game as their headline game for it, with this level of detail, it would be insane.


I fully believe that rumour about Project Mara using extensively DirectML and Ray-Tracing. I think Ninja Theory will be the studio that will be doing experimental and innovative stuff, and I’m all for that.


Link to the XboxEra article about this vid: Ninja Theory shows new images and footage from Project Mara in dev diary - XboxEra

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Looks insane.

Unreal Engine 5?


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Xbox has no VR so why would they?

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Life looks better in-engine.

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Xbox has no VR yet.

Can’t wait to see these new titles from Ninja Theory. Stuff like Enslaved & Hellblade already confirmed them as one of my favourite studios. I think they could become a properly big deal in the years to come.


8/10 too much realism :slightly_smiling_face:

Wait till Sony finds out about this tech. Those playable movies meme gonna be funny.

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I believe the game is first person. Regardless, correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think that fidelity is feasible in VR at least on the average consumer level. Look at Hitman in VR vs on even base PS4/Xbox One, it looks far better on the latter.


Holy fuck! It’s crazy how you can’t even tell when it’s In-Engine. Ninja Theory was such a great get for MS. Can’t wait to see how this turns out.

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THIS. Holy shit. The details are on a whole other level than anything ever even attempted in another game. 0.0


I am not going to excited in till we find out if its a walking Sim( not a bad thing ) or if its going to have some enemies in the game