Ni No Kuni : I need some help with this

Hi all,

So I’ve started with NNK earlier this week and I have 9 hours into it now. Location is the desert. I noticed early on how easily I died and I don’t know, I just don’t have the patience nowadays anymore and so I have no problem putting difficulty at easy and still on easy I find it not easy at all, lmao.

I am not new to JRPGs, but I am pretty new to combat systems like this. As in menu based. Earlier on in the game I was told that monsters have weakness, the signs show it. But during combat, can I check on the fly what weakness the current enemies have? Also, I often am not sure whether to use Oliver or the girl, or the familiars, and the type of familiar. I noticed how incredibly fast Sid gets killed, it’s crazy.

Also, in real-time combat I defend when I see enemies attack, but in turn-based or menu based combat like this I am not entirely sure when I should defend and thus I pretty much always go for attack and only defend during boss fights when they are about to go mental. I also noticed that the game doesn’t tell you if a certain quest/enemy is too high level for you. For example there is this bounty hunt enemy and it’s insane the amount of damage he did to Oliver and everyone.

I hope I will not drop this game, so far so good. My friend however did drop the game, he told me about a wolf boss in a ice area and he was not able to kill it. But, we’ll see.

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I’m with you. Its the most obtuse and unwieldy combat system in a JRPG i ever played. I put it on easy and just swap the familiars in battle. So far this is enough but i think i’m not as far as you in the game.

Sorry for being no help :frowning:

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Well, it’s good to know at least that I’m not the only one with this opinion on the combat. :slight_smile:

There is a lot to take in too. I just had the game telling me that when you swap around familiars, to bear in mind that each ally is better suited to handling creatures of certain genuses.

And I’m like…what?i do want to learn this stuff though because if I’m gonna continue on with this I probably will need it, since the story is up to 40 hours according to HLTB.

if you want to continue maybe the guide from Neoseeker is of help? its pretty in depth.


Also a good tip for anyone struggling once you finish the trials in the desert, you can redeem your vouchers there . The Xbox version provides quite a few really rare familiars with one being very over powered

Yep. The game never told me about these vouchers. I think you mean the Griffin one, right?

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Haven’t played this game, but I’ve noticed in most JRPGs you don’t need to defend unless the enemy is about to pull off some special move, which the games normally give you an indication of (like them using a round charging up). Beyond that I think the focus would be on attack, heal, and buff/debuff spells.

Correct. You get Griffin and other monster IIRC. the Griffin will carry through the early to mid game. When you (minor spoiler)can fly, just catch 1-2 dinosaur over the desert temple and it’s gg.

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Dinoceros you mean, right? Haha. I Googled some stuff. People call him a game breaking OP familiar, honestly, sounds good to me. I’m in it for the story here, the characters, the world, but definitely not too much of a challenge because this combat system just isn’t 100% my thing at all.

Also, is it important to have familiars at very high levels before I evolve them? So far i evolve most of them when they are level 20 or a bit above it. I really wish this game handled Mana regeneration better, because it’s crazy how often I have had situations where I couldn’t use spells because my mana was gone already and the potions that are worn a damn cost insane much.

Yeah, those dinosaurs are so strong. Even with just 1 you can almost clear every bonus content

IIRC when you do side quests you earn stamps which unlock some perks and helps with Mana drops.

It’s not necessary to evolve them at max level. Honestly min max is not needed especially when you only going for the story.

I just got Tengri! This should mean I can go and find a Dinoceros. I’ve been using Griffles the Griffin a whole lot now and when leveled up quite high with very good attack power he’s a beast. This makes it lots more enjoyable for me.

One thing, familiars used by other team members, do these just swap them out randomly? Because Swaine has Gunther as first familiar, yet I barely ever see Swaine using him, instead he uses a weaker familiar. Should I just remove the other familiars so that he can only use Gunther?

My plan is to have both Griffles and Dinoceros in the upcoming battles, if possible all the way to the end.

I checked a video and it said they can be rare spawns, that would suck.

Yes griffles was the one I was referring to I used him to the very end I only got dinoceros late game and he helped me finish the post game bosses and tournaments. Edit: I did swap out a few in some moments for easy farming due to going for all achievements and needing to evolve quite a few familiars to hit that counter

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Perhaps I should halt the search for Dinoceros for now, he doesn’t seem to spawn and what sucks is that there isn’t even a guarantee I will get the option to tame it. I’ll continue the story with Griffles and see how it goes. He does nice damage, but for some reason when he gets hit his health drains fast, even though Defense is high.

I beat the game a while ago, when it came to gp. Don’t remember the specifics, but I did struggled in this area. So I farmed to level up my companions and get them stronger than the area request and started to pay attention to that’s moon/star/sun thing. That helped a little, also put the other human on automatics, used the girl to heal and worked on healing stats of her campanions. I was an ok experience at end, once I farmed a lot felt a bit tired. I think I got dinoceros only at the last part of the game

As we speak I have defeated Shadar and while it seemed to be the end, it isn’t yet. But it can’t be too long now until the end.

I gave all the tickets in the trials area away, I started grinding in a area that gives you 2000xp if you find a certain enemy and I made Griffles the familiar especially OP, so that he does lots of damage and he sure does.

Unless the final battle is ridiculous and unfair, I should finish it this week.

And I just knew it, I knew this game was going to pull some absolute bullshit. A final boss should be harder than anything else in the game, true, but should it be unfair? It’s three phases, I absolutely despise this kind of crap, hate it! In the third phase he starts with a ridiculous magic attack than can take out all my characters, especially if I don’t press defend on time, and this game does NOT give you much time for that.

The teammates are fantastic at…dying, being braindead idiots. Then there are those annoying sattelite enemies, the absolute horrible magic system in this game. At some point I had like half of boss health gone, but I didn’t have any items to get MP, and thus I was fucked.

I might just remove this motherfucker from the SSD and never look back.

The post game fights honestly are much worse, like fighting that boss again but it’s much worse

Oh I’m not even thinking of going for any post game stuff. I’ve put 40 hours into it and it’s enough. At first I did a lot of side quests but none of them were really worth it at all. I’m just grinding for XP mostly, because it’s kinda a shame to just give up after this many hours.

I have Dinoceros now, so now I should grind even more. Is it recommended that I give him to Oliver? And basically he’s a tank and can attack really well too? I can’t be depending on Oliver’s spells, it barely puts a dent into the phase 3 final boss.

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It’s been awhile but yeah I think it was dinoceros with Oliver,

Yep. Dinoceros was the answer. I evolved him once, gave him lots of traits, did tons of side quests for the money so I could by plenty MP and revive items.

He was at level 20 or so when I took on the final boss again. The teammates once again proved themselves to be absolutely worthless, kept dying, didn’t heal me or themselves but Dinoceros’ attacks did enough damage to make short work of the boss. Even if it did manage to almost kill me again. So glad it’s over.

I wish this one had 2’s battle system, it would have been amazing then.

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