Next X020 when?

Have we any idea when x020 Is going to be annouced?

X020 is a fan event where players reunite to celebrate Xbox. Given this is COVID-19 season, it’s very possible, in fact very likely it will not even happen, considering this time last year we already knew the location of X019. I can see them do a digital event maybe, but even that isn’t a given.


My suspicion is either online to coincide with the Series X|S launch or they bump all of their announcements to The Game Awards. I’m leaning towards the latter.

I would have hoped for a special online edition.

I think they’ll do some sort of online launch event. They have a singular world wide launch date - its in November - they’d be crazy not to. And they are launching alongside ACV with Cyberpunk the end of the week so you’d assume two marketing partners would be interested in some slots to a large online audience?

I guess the only reason they MIGHT choose not to do it is because obviously they don’t have first party major stuff at launch so maybe the feel too much ‘normal content’ from such a thing would be missing?

But hell, I’d watch an online launch event or stream…they could do a ‘live round the world’ thing as major markets go live. Major Nelson could don his favourite white gloves for an unboxing. Phil Spencer could have something about gamers being at the centre of their vision. Bethesda could say something - much of these things could be pre-recorded anyway.

They should do this because it will be hype - for those of us going to sleep the night before the console comes - its a hype time.

I remember the Xbox One launch and very clearly just mooching round the night before and seeing streamers on twitch (I barely used twitch) streaming for their new consoles in Australia…it felt huge and that was just streamers…I remember thinking this is the first time console buyers are connected across the world in this way ahead of a launch and everyone could see the new games and how the console worked. I know xbox did a stream too - but it was fairly short IIRC?

But yeah - an online launch party stream would be great.

I’d imagine they’ll do something online to coincide with launch.

Next event after COVID is defeated. I don’t think an online event makes sense

I think it will be a digital only event in December where they’ll drop stuff like Hellblade 2 gameplay, The Initiative’s project, and other unannounced stuff.