Next Forza Horizon xover idea

Today we learned, that MSFS uses ForzaTech for their game. And then it hit me…

How about the next Horizon would merge with Flight Simulator?

They would share the world, improve on the ground textures, and tie-in. I could drive a race in Greece around the Acropolis, afterwards drive to the airport, fly to Japan and compete in a street race in Tokyo there.

What do you think?

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Someone ask Nick Bostrom what the possibility is that ForzaTech is the software behind the simulation we all live inside.

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How long does it take to fly from Greece to Japan in Flight Sim?

No thank you.

Driving around the entire world as the map would be awful (nice for random cruises maybe)

But actual gameplay wise, with races and stuff, awful.

Give me a fun hand created world to drive around (set in Japan please)

The crew is an absolute slog to drive around, that map is far too big with nothing to do.

Whilst flight simulator looks mind-blowing whilst up in the air, the ground stuff up close looks quite bad.

I know you’re saying add better ground textures and stuff, I could only imagine the amount of data you’d blow through, considering it used a fair bit of data already on flight sim.

Plus I’m more surprised no one has suggested this tech with a grand theft auto type game. (I still think that would be a slog to travel on too)

Over 12 hours…

They could set up hubs for races in different parts of the world. But you’d still be able to drive around your real life neighborhood if you want.

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but why

the FHs are built like a theme park, what’s the point?

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If you go for the full flight, then just as in real life 12h. But you can also shorten it to basically just takeoff and landing. It’s a game after all. :slight_smile:

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You could have several of those theme parks all over the world.

The technology behind Flight Simulator is much less impressive the closer you get to the ground. Mapping data is not suitable for something like that, so it would be a massive effort to make high fidelity assets that cover such a larger area.