Next 10/10 Xbox Game Studio Game on IGN

I dont mean 343 will be shut down. Microsoft doesn’t really like massive layoffs. I just think the halo ip will be moved to another studio because the narrative would be that 343 isn’t fit to handle halo. Its not like a 8 is a bad score but unfortunately gaming media would eat it up as halo is done for. As for the initiative I just have high hopes for them and with the talent they have i think they will shock alot of people.

Imo it would need a MAJOR f*** up with Infinite to take the IP away from 343i. Like a meta below 70, and even then, I think they would just do some major restructuring. I’m still thinking there are changes coming within the management, regardless of how good/popular Infinite is at launch.

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A low 80 would be a major fk up, especially since Halo 4 got an 87, Halo 5 got an 84 and it would show Halo is indeed on a downward trend and that 343i isn’t worthy of handling the IP. I think at the very least Bonnie Ross, Chris Lee and Frank O’Connor would get the boot and Joseph Staten would take over the studio.

Since it’s going to be a kind of GaaS or "platform’’ a low-mid 80 wouldn’t surprise me that much. But yeah definitely some restructuring, actually I wouldn’t be surprised to see Bonnie Ross go after Infinite is launched, no matter what happens.

A GaaS doesn’t excuse it from being a low-mid 80’s. There are plenty of high quality GaaS games out there, Monster Hunter World, Apex, Forza Horizon 4.