New Xbox Wireless Controllers Announced: Electric Volt and Daystrike Camo Special Edition

Awesome to see Xbox producing more environment friendly hardware.


Oh very nice.

This trend of not using coloured face buttons needs to stop.

We have blue red and yellow. Now give me a green and we will have the face buttons.

Who do I have to kill to get this controller?


360 style?


Honestly Microsoft should had done it for the console’s 15th anniversary

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That Electric Volt

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Picking one up

Does anyone know when Design Labs is coming back ? They closed it to improve on it (I remember reading somewhere that it’ll be back up bigger and better soon in '21) and I’m still waiting. No disrespect to all these controllers (I bought the Sonic one) but I’m not buying any colored versions (unless it’s a special edition Master Chief controller) until Design Labs is back up. I want to make 4 custom controllers.

Design Labs was so cool and promising, just needed a bit more customization. Imagine if Design Lab has such detailed customization where you can use any of MSs famous characters on your controller, give it any transparancy, color etc. And maybe they can also cut a deal to allow us to use various 3P famous characters as layers from Goku to Batman to pretty much any other game character. I would pay so much for a deep customization option that pretty much allows you to do anything you want, within reason. Pay extra to slap multiple colors in different angles on a controller, put various layers on top of that. Buttons that have individual coloring for extra cost. You name it. That would really be a killer feature that you can show off on your next digital event and people would flock to it.

I hope it’ll come back eventually. I hope they didn’t kill it off.

This one looks clean.

Hopefully you can customize one like this when Xbox Design Lab returns. And bring back the Phantom Magenta you cowards!

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