New Xbox App (Beta) on Mobile

Now for some less exciting news than acquiring Zenimax/Bethesda…

New Xbox mobile app has been revealed and is available through Google Play Store.


Has anyone tried to do remote play?

It keeps saying I need to download the game to my console when it already is clearly downloaded

The best thing about this app, and it’s not disclosed in the article, is to download any game from Microsoft Store, even without owning a license. It’s basically a general preload.

Wanna buy a physical copy of Cyberpunk 2077 but don’t want to waste some time installing and downloading day one patches and updates? Simply download the digital file from MS Store and, when the disc arrives, you’re ready to go.

Wanna play the next added game on Xbox Game Pass as soon as it’s available, without waiting some minutes/hours? Download it today (like, Night in the Woods, available thursday) and you can start playing one minute after it’s available.

Wanna buy a game but don’t have the money right now? Download it and, when you purchase your license, the game will be waiting for you.




Wowza, didn’t realise this when i posted the article last night but that’s pretty bloody awesome.

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This is a megaton for those of us with poor internet!

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I just tried it now, it works wonderfully. I’m not a streaming expert who can count frames or whatever but it was very snappy and fluid. Got my game pass daily quest knocked out by launching a game, uninstalled it, and had a quick look at my library.

I wasn’t able to access the store via streaming (which might be concession to avoid paying Google/Apple a cut) but I can live with that. I was using my regular controller so it was connecting to the console directly, rather than via my phone with bluetooth for what it’s worth. I suppose the next big test is to try to do this without being on my home network but that’s not happening any time soon :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Seems to work on LineageOS too, if anybody is interested in that. Has popped up a few messages about needing Google Play services but I managed to just push through.

I like the new app but can’t really find a good way to browse Xbox Store ! Is it completly missing ? I also can’t find a way to redeem codes, which is also weird.

The new app badly needs updated with achievement support.

The good:

The app is blazing fast now. Complete game changer versus the slow molasses it used to be.

Super streamlined UI, no longer need to go to the store to search a game, just search it and filter game results

Seeing captures and sharing them is also much improved, which is also very important when the sharing from the console kinda of a hit and a miss. Wish there was a way to directly upload everything to onedrive though.

The Bad:

  • No clubs? I love that feature, but it’s increasingly seemingly that instead of the promised Discord like overhaul that feature is getting the boot instead.

  • No way to purchase games through the app anymore. I reckon this is to get around the apple restrictions so the gamepass app can offer streamings but since that’s not needed on Android I hope to get it back at least there.

  • Unifying gamepass and Xbox apps is also a very needed next step.

They removed the store altogether in order to try and get the gamepass approved on iOS.

The Xbox app allowing purchases accompanied by the gamepass app allowing streaming is a potential breach of their TOS.

I can’t see Apple allowing the app still, but at least they are trying.