New version of World War Z called WWZ: Aftermath coming to PC and consoles + X|S version

I didn’t see it posted, but I’m really glad the game hasn’t been abandonned yet.

World War Z: Aftermath is a DLC to the original World War Z game bringing new content and a next-gen version running at 4K 60FPS on Series X (coming early 2022).

New content :

  • A First Person mode
  • 3 new characters
  • 3 new locations : Rome, Vatican City and Russia’s Kamchatka peninsula
  • A new class : Vanguard
  • New melee system and dual wielding
  • New ennemies (zombie rats ?)
  • A Horde XL mode coming later with hundreds of zombies on screen only on PC and next-gen platforms

The Aftermath upgrade is 19,99$/€ for WWZ players and 39,99$/€ for new players (WWZ GOTY Edition + Aftermath). It’s coming later this year with a Deluxe version at 49,99$/€ including exclusive skins, weapons and a 4 days early access.


Nice… I haven t played it for while, but when it came out I ve spend lots and lots of hours…

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Oh shit this is cool! Fun game!

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Schreier chainsaw ?? :face_with_monocle:

Jason, what did you do to these devs ? :doge: :doge:

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