New trailer for BOTW sequel, game is targeting 2022 release date

I expected more from the trailer, the world still looks empty, hopefully there are real dungeons this time around.

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I absolutely love the first one, but I am in the same boat.

Hopefully I can play it on a switch pro

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these screenshots look higher resolution than from a standard Switch

Looked great to me, 2022 is a kick in the gut though.

To be fair they had to account for the wii u with the original

Doesn’t matter. Those are doctored. No way it runs at a higher res than 900p on switch.


naah, think 720p lol.

Please, Nintendo, no more weapon durability? :pleading_face:

Wish there is something else to the map besides floating islands.

HAndheld yeah. BOTW ran 900p docked.

Theres no way in hell i will play this on a regular Switch.

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