New Outriders Endgame Content Video! (Plus All Classes & Gameplay Structure)

Man this stuff looks awesome. The weapon/armor mods system looks soo good! Plus you can respec your skill tree at any time for no cost! Yeah, I’m getting this at launch, no questions about it. Full crossplay with every platform is just the icing on the cake that really makes me wanna support them. In case you haven’t kept up on this game or have no clue what it is, I’ll post some other videos as well.

Journey & Structure (What you do throughout the game)


Trickster (Close-range Time-control)

Pyromancer (Mid-Range Fire-user)

Devastator (Tank with Earth abilities)

Technomancer (Long-Range Support-type)


I watched this earlier today and I was already day one but now even more so. I know they keep saying that it’s not a live service game but I do wonder if they will have post game expansions like AC Valhalla. If they do, I really hope they announce it before the game itself releases.

Other than that, everything looks great. Really intrigued by the post story campaign setup. Almost like two games in one so to speak.

Will be playing as the Pyromancer!!!

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I need this game!

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I had completely written this game off when I first saw it. Looked super generic and typical to me, until I actually paid attention. Watched a few videos, and I was sucked in. I can’t decide what class I want to play cuz they all look fun as hell, lol. Never really had that happen, in most games it’s pretty easy to decide. I think I’m going with Trickster, cuz that Time-control stuff just seems way too fun. Slicing enemies as they explode/fade away looks immensely satisfying. lol

I have been all in since early this year when they had a preview event and gameplay was finally shown. Definitely my type of game. All the classes do look good and fun to play as. I am leaning towards Pyromancer as I like the idea of putting enemies on fire. Hehehe. The gameplay/combat looks great. Systems and mechanics seem to be very deep. As long as the story and characters are solid and keep me interested in what happens next, I’ll be a happy camper!!!

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Yeah, I won’t care about the story personally lol. As long as the gameplay is solid and the content is good, I’ll be playing it for a while. Should be able to get 2 other friends to buy it since it’s full crossplay. Really hoping they keep that February 2nd release cuz there’s nothing else that I know of coming around that time to compete, so it could really do well. :slight_smile:

Haha. True. I will be playing solo and yeah, I agree in regards to the release date because my first game of 2021 is Outriders and with Far Cry 6 being delayed, it has the chance to do well.

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People gotta stop sleeping on this game! Looks like exactly the kind thing my fiancé and I will sink deep into.

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I’m scared to buy I’ve been getting burnt on these types of games for a while.

Yeah, I can understand that. I’ve watched enough videos now that I’m pretty positive I will like it. Can always wait for reviews or impressions on here. Maybe if we’re lucky, it’ll come to game pass within 6 months of release. :smiley:

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Yeah I’d probably wait, nothing against this game at all it’s just all the other ones that have ruined it for me haha. Anthem, Diablo 3, Destiny, The Division 1 & 2 and Borderlands 3 all launched in such poor states and only got better down the track. So probably best to just wait like you said that way I can see if it does gon on game pass haha or just get it on sale.

While I can’t speak on the rest of the games you mentioned, I do agree with you regarding The Division but The Division 2 was great at launch. Maybe it’s because I played it solo but it was 2nd best game of 2019 and in my top ten of the gen. As for waiting on Outriders, they’ve said repeatedly that it’s NOT a live service game.

Pyromancer looks like the class for me. Really excited for this game!

When Outriders was first revealed, I thought it looked super generic. The more I’ve seen it, more I’m believing this could be a true contender to be a looter-shooter that sticks. Gameplay looks fun.


I also am having trouble picking a class between Devastator and Pyromancer.

I’m getting anthem vibes from this game

it looks fucking great

and the fact that they already a endgame mapped without recycled content is mighty promising

I’m really liking what I’ve been seeing of this game over the course of it’s various info dumps. Looks like a probably day one purchase for me.

Hopefully we can gather up some folks from XboxEra and have some coop fun!