New Mechwarrior in the works

I am glad that the mechwarrior franchise is still moving along.

More info in the link. Though it appears the game will be a single player game.


Yes please !! More Mech games is good !

They dip their toes on consoles with the help of Game pass and even though the game was rough around the edges I thought it was a success.

I’m glad they are doing another one. They need to build the game with console in mind though, especially for menus and controls.

I hope they are thinking about making a real campaign this time. That would be great !

Edit : edited my post as it seems to be another main game like Mechwarrior V but hopefully the main campaign will have a bigger scope and not relying too heavily on randomly generated missions like the last game.

Yeah a real campaign will be nice. Though i wouldnt mind a mercenary mode that expands on what 5 implemented.

Also seeing them bring in cut features like infantry and better destruction would be nice as well.

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Hopefully not PC only.

I kinda miss these games. Remember Mech Assault on the first Xbox?

I think a mech assault game is long overdue… As is a new battletech game.

The mechwarrior/ battletech franchise has alot of genre versatility…

Battletech - turn based Assualt - arcade mech fun Warrior - mech sim

It as well as the other fasa franchises need way more love… even if the rights to them are a lil funny.

Going off topic… i hope one day when the Activision deal closes we can get a mechwarrior 1 through 4 bundle that works on modern consoles and pcs for presevation sake alone.

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That would be great.

By the way, there was a mech game on Xbox, I think I played that back in 2021, not sure if it was Mech Warrior but sadly it wasn’t too great in my opinion. Tech wise quite sloppy too.

We are getting a brand new Armored Core though, things are starting to look up.

I played it on Game Pass and bought it with some of the DLC so I surely want them to work on an Xbox version. It’s on PS5 too, so I’m pretty sure it’s coming on every platforms from now. Maybe Game Pass again.


It was probably MechWarrior 5… :smiling_face_with_tear:

It was pretty rough yeah. Framerate was really bad, especially with the destruction in cities.

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Yeah mech warrior 5 sadly wasn’t optimized well… i have faith that with lessons learned the next game will be better. Cause mw5 scratches the mech sim itch… i just need more story.

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They need to make a new MWO it’s so good but really feels its age.

MW5 was OK but needed a lot of polish and missions got repetitve

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Personally id be pretty happy with them just adding multiplayer into this potential MW6 and giving it all the polish it deserves.

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They don’t have the resources to develop that much. The need to get the people that paid £500 for a mech to finance a new game :joy:

A man can dream… I just hope Embracer and maybe even MS throw some money at the project to let development go a bit smoother.

I swear Microsoft owns the ip or something.

They own video game rights to mechwarrior/commander and battletech… Also video game rights for pretty much all fasa games

Crimson skies is the exception to the rule where ms owns all the rights including tabletop


The IP itself is a bit weird. I do believe MS owns the IP as well but I know the IP itself has a lot of drama with some of the mech designs being to similar to another 80s era show. The effected Mechs are called The Unseen and it’s been a legal problem as recently as 2009.


From my understanding with unseens are they were mechs from other ip.

I believe ms owns video game ip rights outside of the Activision published games.

I think catalyst games owns board game and book rights.

Which i know ms doesnt have as that was a big reason why they pushed for entirety of ip rights when crimson skies was made.

The keep giving the licence to pgi is the first problem.

The need to give someone else a go

The Battletech universe has so much potential with AAA treatment. I’m hoping this version gets a bigger budget and more polish. Mech’s in general have a ton of room for customization which you’d think would fit well into what draws the average gamer today. It’s also a miss if someone doesn’t throw in some cloud destruction this gen.