NEW Halo Infinite UPDATE- Zeta Halo updates, Sandbox, No Playable Elites, and more

Evidently there was a Q&A for Halo Infinite and it got covered by some obscure, little known site on the dark web linked below. Seems like some good info here so figured I’d share it for anyone who doesn’t ever peruse the rest of the site beyond the horizon of the forums. /shrugs


Lots of juicy info, which I am sure the you had me at Halo crew will enjoy sinking their teeth into :wink:.

I am little disappointed that it doesn’t seem like we will be getting vastly different biomes at launch at least, and hope the main biome doesn’t feel samey by the end.

Also, I really wanted to experience a storm on a Halo ring but that definitely seems like we will have to wait until after launch.

All in all, the world and sandbox really does appear to be put front and center of this Halo game and sounds like it will be the Halo game we all have dreamed of.

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Tons of new info in this interview, wow.

I will definitely be playing custom games with three pieces of equipment.