New genres for XGS RPG teams to explore

Xbox is now hands down the home for Western RPGs as has been discussed in various places. What I was wondering is, what genres in RPG do you want to see explored?

Fantasy is locked down with Fable, Avowed and Elderscrolls

SciFi you have Starfield and Outer Worlds

Post Apocalyptic with Fallout and Wasteland.

Those tend to be the three main types of RPGs made today but with that many teams what else would you like to see? I have two in mind. First a spiritual successor to Jade Empire, I loved that game on the original Xbox and think some form of follow up could be refreshing. I don’t think they own the ip but they could do something similar to it. The other would be a supernatural style game where you hunt ghosts, monsters and demons set in the 80s. Idk why, I just think it would be cool.

What do you all think?

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I just want them to put together a team to make turn based rpgs in the mold of the old school final fantasies or bravely default. Actually I’d love something like that but space or cyberpunk based too.

That would be awesome! On a side note I wonder if they could ever bring Octopath over. I’m pretty sure it’s on PC now.

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Would love to see that, played it on switch but I’d love to replay on Xbox and actually unlock achievements!

Say it with me: Alpha. Protocol. 2


This right here. Alpha Protocol deserves another shot.


I was a huge fan of The Getaway as a kid. I’d like an action game set in the UK based around Gangsters

Sega owns the IP. The good thing is MS and Sega are close at the moment.

With inXile and Bethesda being owned by Microsoft we have a possibility of Hunted 2.