New gameplay trailer for day one Game Pass release Trek to Yomi reveals a May 5th release date

Originally published at: New gameplay trailer for day one Game Pass release Trek to Yomi reveals a May 5th release date - XboxEra

The release date for the upcoming Game Pass day one release, Trek to Yomi has been announced as May 5th, 2022 as part of a new gameplay trailer. Attached is our preview of this upcoming title along with the Trailer and PR information:

“Bushido enthusiasts can take a break from studying the blade to drink in more of Trek to Yomi’s gorgeous atmosphere in a newly released extended gameplay video, exploring the beginning of Hiroki’s journey toward retribution.”


That extended gameplay video was really cool! the presentation of this game is amazing…plus it looks like a fun game too. I am really excited to play this! :gimme:


I really enjoyed the 40 minute preview I got to play.


Looks a little clunky, similar to a Bushido Blade. Can you comment at all on how it feels to play?

How it looks, a bit clunky but very fast. Most enemies go down in two hits, the special abilities weren’t a part of the preview so I’m not sure how they work/feel.

Thanks, I was actually a little surprised seeing it in action for the first time (for me). I’ve been hearing good things and hype around it, but it didn’t look like it played all that well. The aesthetic though, top notch stuff.

Gameplay was “fine”, story was great, voice acting was incredibly well done, and graphically it’s stunning. As long as the gameplay isn’t bad in the end I’ll be happy.


Animations are not Sekiro quality but what is important is how the game feels to play/how responsive it is and how interesting are the combat encounters which considering the extremely low health of enemies positioning and choosing the right move for the situation for example will probably both play a big role in this (which can turn out awesome if done well). Jesse says that the game plays good so I am pretty sure that it will be more than decent gameplay wise.

That’s why I asked…not sure what Sekiro has to do with it but okie dokie! Looks cool and will check it out for sure. GamePass is the best.

I thought that you commented on the animations quality since it’s not easy to understand how clunky gameplay is in a game like this IMO. I said that the animations are not Sekiro quality which is understandable considering the scope of the game, also I think that I explained pretty well that even if it doesn’t have the best animations it can still play good…smooth animations are not always a good indication that a game plays nice so it can look clunky but it can still be responsive and fun. :man_shrugging:

I was just asking for an impression based on how it looks to play. Appreciate the comment and clarification though bud, truly.

Is this game souls/rogue like or it’s just straightforward with checkpoints/auto save like a regular 2D game where you go from left to right and keep advancing through every level? Thanks.

Linear story game

Good to know. Thanks Jesse.