New gameplay overview for A Plague Tale: Requiem released

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New gameplay for A Plague Tale: Requiem has been released and it gives a general overview of what you’ll be doing in this highly anticipated sequel. In Requiem, you continue Amicia and Hugo’s Journey through a Plague infested world as they search for a cure for Hugo’s disease.

The gameplay overview shows many of the new improvements developer Asobo has brought to Requiem, including improved stealth gameplay, combat, upgrade paths, new equipment and more.

A Plague Tale: Requiem continues to impress and looks like one of the best remaining games of the year. The game is scheduled to release on October 18th and will launch day one into Game Pass.


Really can’t wait for this one.

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Game looks insane! Asobo’s engine is amazing. Can’t wait to play this! :partying_face:

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This will be really good methinks.

GOTY 2022 right here

I game lot of content creators are overlooking. Looks like it going to be a very good game as the first one was.

Looking from the outside in, Asobo just blows me away. A smallish studio able to deliver Plague 1, Flight Sim and Requim after 3 years is insane.


I don’t want to see too much. :face_with_peeking_eye:

It looks good ! Can’t wait !

Xbox needs to acquire them ASAP


As soon as ABK is closed. Please don’t let them go anywhere else.

I agree with you guys but at the same time, I wouldn’t have any problem with Focus Entertainment acquiring Asobo Studio especially after not getting Spiders which I thought they would.

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Just watched the almost 6 minute trailer. Requiem looks fucking awesome. Easy 9/10 for me incoming!!! Can’t wait!!

Microsoft have a deep relationship and stakes in Asobo (Flight Sim support), I don’t think they will sell to anyone other than MS.

Either way is good by me. If it is Microsoft, hopefully they get the Plague Tale IP if it’s not owned by Asobo Studio.

This is presumably on a AA budget which makes it even more impressive. I wonder what they could achieve with even more resources?

I am going in fresh with this. Watched the trailer during E3, watched maybe a minute of that 12 minute or so video and I’ll leave it at that. October is soonish now too.

Only concern would be the budget allocated to these games by Embracer. I wonder about this too for Tomb Raider next.

I can agree with that. Looks great!!!

This has nothing to do with Embracer. I’m talking about Focus which if you look at Requiem and Space Marine 2, I think they have no problem giving a bigger budget.

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Imagine them as a first party studio… It would be glorious.

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The thing I have with MS acquiring Asobo is…they could have done this when they were busy getting Obsidian, NT, PG, inXile and some smaller studios. But they didn’t. Of course they went after Zenimax too, so who knows.

Really hope they won’t let them “get away”. Would be such a nice fit for XGS.