New Gamepass Ad teases Starfield and Forza Horizon 5

I’m sure a lot of you might have already come across this hilarious and well made gamepass ad.

But not enough people are talking about rather explicit teases in this video.

At 0:15 they literally show the skyline of Mexico City of all locations. Now we have no idea why you’d do choose that specific location out of so many beautiful skylines of big cities. Or do we? :smirk::smirk::smirk:

I saw this mentioned on twitter but didn’t believe it myself so I googled Mexico City skyline and voila, found this image.

images - 2021-05-02T150356.670

They aren’t slick, of course this doesn’t prove FH5 is in Mexico, but it provides strong corroboration with existing insider information of FH5 being set in Mexico.

Also there were rather very blatant space shots of Earth and Astronauts which let’s admit is pretty much all referring to Starfield.


Heck I have time so let’s speculate.

  1. Starfield ?

  1. Mexico as OP mentioned

  1. What could be this

  1. Bulls ???

  1. Starfield again ?

Seriously, very odd choice of scenes here to be honest.

The city scrapper and bulls are so odd.


Number 4 is a stampede.

Sabreman Stampede is back!;_2002-2005)

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GTA 6 (Vice City)?

Indiana Jones


If starfield, halo infinite and FH5 come out this fall Xbox is going to be flying off the shelves. easily the best exclusive fall line up imo.


Easily the best exclusive line up of the year.


Indiana was rather blatant as well lol but I highly doubt GTA tbh

Jungle covers a large chunk of southern Mexico.

Nah, it’s all yellow desert.

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We’ve seen absolutely nothing about starfield. Nothing. Not even a teaser trailer. Kudos to bethesda for keeping it in some secret lab Noone can access.

I think this might just be reading a bit much into it haha

why else would they have a skyline of Mexico city so specifically? :oh_wow_think:

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Because it looks nice idk, I’m not saying it’s 100% not it but it could be just looking into things a bit too much. I don’t blame anyone though and even I do it, I blame that damn shelf and all the other easter eggs haha.

I do think FH5 is in Mexico though I just doubt this is them teasing it, I’m happy to be wrong though!

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There has to be some ammount of teasing in the video, though. I mean, come on, explorer guy with a hat and a whip?? That one is Indiana Jones for sure.

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