"New Football Game" open beta is now available on Xbox

Originally published at: https://xboxera.com/2021/06/24/new-football-game-open-beta-is-now-available-on-xbox/

Konami has released an Online Performance Test for what is being called “New Football Game” on Xbox.

This is supposed to be an open beta for the next iteration of the eFootball PES franchise, which is now transitioning from the old Fox Engine to the Unreal Engine. The game was teased last July, before the 2021 edition was even released, and for some reason Konami has been avoiding calling it PES 2022.

The open beta is available worldwide on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S and will be available until July 8th 00:00 (UTC). The Microsoft Store listing confirms that the game will be Optimized for the new generation while also supporting Smart Delivery and cross-generation play.

Konami is avoiding calling it PES 2022. I wonder why?

There were rumors of the name change to just eFootball. Konami has already changed its name several times. International Super Star Soccer, winning eleven, PES.

I hope Microsoft allows Option File

Not accurate. Winning Eleven and PES ar just the Japanese and Western names for the same game. International Super Star Soccer was another franchise from 90s, when Konami tried to have two football branches, ISSS was the arcade one, which was discontinued in the early years of sixth generation, and PES/WE was the simulation one.

Last year’s eFootball was the first major name change from the simulation branch and since they changed their approach to not be a yearly franchise, we can see more changes this year.

Or maybe, and more probably, they’re just finishing negotiating clubs partnerships exclusive versions, like PES 2020, and don’t want to show anything until it’s over.

I think because this is a very early beta to test match-making, using assets from the mobile 2021 game (allegedly) they are trying to avoid people describing this as Pes 2022, efootball 2022 or anything else, because it obviously is nothing like the final game.

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eFootball f2p

I had low expectations, but damn…

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PES was on a cliff and Konami did one step further.

I see many people criticizing this.

My thoughts are hey at least I can play modern Football games yearly without spending 60 bucks on them. If I like the game a lot i’ll get the updated Roster. I’m probably not going to pay more than 30 bucks.

Pro Evo also has been better than FIFA for the last 5 years now. Pro evo ruled the roost from early to mid 2000’s. FIFA took over during the 360 gen but then FIFA turned to shit. PES is back.

This is just a business model that works for them

Much rather this than trying to fool people into paying 60-70 bucks for lazy roster updates. For Annual Sports games. Standalone releases are just a cash grab. Thankfully the PES series has been flopping and they’ve adopted a better model. This will allow them to maximise player base.

I don’t see how this is bad unless you’re a hardcore PES fanboy from the PS2 era who thinks gaming is the same as it was. Yes PES 2005 was one of the best football games ever made but that was over 15 years ago. Times have changed.

Because these naming conventions are getting silly now anyway.

Also one more thing. Why don’t we have more Arcade Football(soccer) games?

I miss those a lot. Mario Strikers SEga Soccer Slam…better arcade football games is what we need.

We don’t need fucking EA monopolizing sports games.

The problem is not the free-to-play model, per se. Imo it’s quite worrying how the game will look and play when it has crossplay enabled with mobile. That + no available vs. CPU modes this year + the suspicious line-up of teams shown at the roadmap + the modes I’m interested will be paid DLC anyway.

This is a reply from 29 days ago referring to the original open beta in which the game was titled “New Football Game”. I was basically implying that the game would not be called PES this year, and that was spot on

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