New Black Myth: Wukong Trailer


Hype :raised_hands:

Looks fucking awesome!!!

Was already sold last August with it’s debut trailer which featured over 12 minutes of gameplay (every publisher should be taking some notes) and it completely wowed me. Still and by far the only true “next gen” (now current gen) game that I have seen and it’s not even close.

While Microsoft should definitely be getting on the phone with Game Science and try to work out a deal for what is said to be a trilogy of games, I don’t care if it’s Microsoft, Sony or a third party publisher as long as it comes to current gen consoles in NA.

This game looks utterly bonkers, can’t wait to play.

I’ve never heard of this before. It looks great. I hope the final product is as good at that gameplay trailer.

Looks very good. I got a feeling sony will try and nab this.

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Hope not! It does seem like their type of game somehow. Not sure why exactly but I also kinda get that vibe for whatever reason.


That’s why if anything MS should make sure they at least get this too, no matter what. Enough with the nonsense from Sony.

It wont bother Microsoft, the dirtier sony plays the less chance they have if getting any zenimax games. Unless sony buys another 10 devs (which is very unlikely , 2-3max) they will be behind in first party output after 2021.

That would be really nice, I hope this will happen. Because Sony sure isn’t backing off.

Wukong is coming to xbox

Wait, Xbox has been specifically mentioned/confirmed?

Hmmm I googled it, but it seems unclear if that’s Xbox One or Series, since it’s a 2023 game. Also I read that mainstream consoles are what they are aiming for. So yep, Xbox definitely seems to be in the planning too. So let’s hope it stays that way. :slight_smile:

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Game looks cool hope it doesn’t shun Xbox

I saw some people on the XSX Reddit doubting how legit this footage really will turn out to be. They don’t trust promotional videos anymore after Cyberpunk.

Thing however is, visually Cyberpunk is a improvement in the final game compared to reveal gameplay. Yes I was surprised too. :slight_smile:

i dont think the last gen consoles will be able to run it.

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