NEUROSIS. I went psychotic making this map. Custom classic halo. The control room has switches to open garage bays for 60 seconds and the console in the middle will blow the snipers nest with a 30 second cool down. Enjoy!!!


This looks really cool! Thanks for sharing! Looks like it has interesting gameplay potential. Did you design the blockout as well?

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Thanks a lot! I designed everything from scratch. I’ve been at it every day for 2 weeks. Enjoy!


Now it’s time to work on lighting and color… It never ends!

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Not sure if to resource intensive but maybe using a modified version of that water prefab below and obscuring the normal ground could help sell the look of the general atmosphere. Nice work overall though m8

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I’m going to consider that for sure. I’m still tinkering with the overall gameplay, weapons, and modes. After that’s all dialed I’m ging to use whatever resources I have left for ambience. It’s just me working on it so it’s a lot!!! Love the feedback!!!

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Lighting, audio, scripting, and game modes are completed!!! So much work. I would love some feedback! Especially if you play different modes. Thanks🙏