Netflix will develop a new Elder Scrolls TV show

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By the time this thing finally airs it’s going to be © Microsoft


Yes, it’s fucking Great for XBOX. Now this Means Xbox doesn’t need to release Bethesda’s games on other platftorms beside Xbox/PC. Netflix Will lead people to the right Place

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No you see, The Elder Scrolls TV Series is only be a timed exclusive for Netflix. The Elder Scrolls is too big of an important franchise for it to remain exclusive to one platform. We’ll see Netflix bring The Elder Scrolls to Disney+ because of it’s larger userbase.

Disney will not bring The Mandalorian series over to Netflix however because exclusives are important.


So could i expect to see mandalorian on Netflix or Amazon prime video? (It’s One of the best serie i’ve ever seen. The second season Is Amazing. No words to describe It. The final episode…man)

Disney will not bring The Mandalorian series over to Netflix however because exclusives are important, but Netflix HAS to bring The Elder Scrolls series to Disney+ because it has the higher userbase.


No, i doubt. this Is a Xbox decision


(Could i suggest you to Watch this italian series?)


It’s fantastic

I know you were joking. Sarcasm

Now the joke is on me!

Lot of series/movies from XGS : Minecraft, Elder Scroll, Fallout, Halo

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Yes, and on the main platftorms: Amazon and Netflix are the biggest

IF This rumors Is true we could hear new info at the same day of Bethesda’s finalization, on february

Source is We Got This Covered which is tabloid nonsense. Still could see it happening though if Fallout on Amazon is a hit.

I think we have to wait until 2021. Fallout on Amazon and Elder Scroll on Netflix, Halo on showtime. More Money for MS.

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Do we know anything about Amazon’s Fallout? Have they done any casting yet? It’s still in pre-production, right?

Apparently comes from creators of Westworld. /shrugs

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