Netflix is pushing into games starting with mobile titles

Curious what implications this has for Xbox Cloud Gaming. Specifically, on iOS, Apple blocked MS from putting cloud gaming directly in their Game Pass app like it is on Android, with them having the ridiculous requirement to submit every individual game as its own app in the App Store.

Game Pass is a relatively fledgling service next to Netflix, with their 200 million+ subscribers, so the question is will Netflix be able to strong-arm Apple into dropping that requirement for them, or will they have to use a web app workaround for their gaming section like Xbox does?

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Couldn’t they just be separate downloads that authenticate using your Netflix credentials? I would assume it is not streaming if they are mobile titles.

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Could be. I guess my brain just thought streaming company automatically equals streaming games. If they go that route they might have to offer some sort of demo for every game, since Apple has rejected apps that don’t offer any free functionality and won’t let users sign up through App Store billing.

Which of course is exactly how the Netflix app works since they ditched App Store billing. It’s just that Netflix was big enough to force Apple to make an exception. It’ll be interesting to see if Apple will make the same exception for their games.

Laugh of the day.

Told you they won’t start with AAA games right away.

If they don’t start now, they never will.

They can’t, as I said, AAA games/studios are a limited quantity and who owns them don’t share them outside of a hefty sum.

I think the rumor was (based on what some journos had heard) that these would be downloadable games an not actually be streamed.

Utterly pointless. Why on earth would people play mobiles games on a paid sub when they can play them on a…Mobile natively?

At least go the Amazon Route and do your own thing.

I mean i guess you don’t need to stream mobile games…even still. Msot of these will be free to play of some sorts anyway.