Need advice on Samsung q80T

Hey guys,

I hope I can get some help.

I am looking to get a new tv to play my series x on and have my eye on the Samsung q80t. It seems to have hdmi 2.1 port and supports 120hz VRR at 4K.

It’s generally going for about £1100.

Can anybody give me any advise before I pull the trigger on this tv, anything I should know etc ?


I don’t have the q80t, but I have the q70t and the q90t, and all are very good TVs. All support 4k at 120, but the q70t doesn’t have local dimming like the q80t and q90t, and the q70t hdr isn’t as good. Be aware that they only have 1 hdmi 2.1 port though. I’ve had the q90t for 6 months now, and it’s a great tv. Don’t think you can go wrong with picking the q80t. It’s especially good for brighter lit rooms compared to the LG OLED TVs, though they have darker blacks. If you have any specific questions, I’m happy to answer.

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Whats your budget? For Q80T money id rather spend on a 55inch CX.

I have heard the Samsung TVs don’t have Dolby vision, is this something to be concerned about at all? I was looking at getting a Sony x900h but then found out that it has loads of issues. Just wanted to make sure that there aren’t any hidden issues with this one.

My budget is about £1000 I would say

That’s correct, they do not have Dolby vision, they have hdr10+ instead. It depends on your personal preference, but it doesn’t bother me. If you’re deciding between the Samsung QLED and the LG OLED, it will come down to your personal tolerance for risk of burn in on the OLED, and the environment you’ll have the TV in. The QLED will perform better in bright rooms, and will have higher brightness, and the LG OLED will look really good in dark rooms due to the better blacks. Both are good choices, so you can’t really go wrong, just decide based on personal preference and if you’re worried about burn in on the OLED. Personally, I went with the QLED because I don’t want to have to worry about burn in, no matter how small the risk.

Wasn’t there also some banding issues with the LG OLEDs? I was scared off too.

Yes, that’s right, I don’t believe it’s been fixed yet, if it even can from a software update.

I really recommend using to help with your decision.

They do a great job in reviewing and comparing televisions.

I was looking at the Samsung line but ultimately got an LG OLED B9 on sale when the 2020 models started to hit shelves. I ended up saving around $800 at Costco. I’d never pay full price; there are sales all the time and usually within the first few months of coming out.

The picture is absolutely stunning and the difference between it and my Samsung KS8000 is night and day.

It’s a good TV, I’m sure you’ll be satisfied with it, even though I’d go for an LG oled TV if you can get it for that price. There’s a reason why LG cx is listed as the best gaming TV in pretty much every respectable site. But again, Q80T is a great TV and you know your budget and your preferences.

Hopefully I can help with this as I recently picked up a 55” OLED (Vizio). The Q80T was my first option due to the budget I had to work with, so the LG OLEDs were always out of the question, and aside from some promised-but-as-of-yet missing features the Vizio seemed to offer a great entry into the OLED world. My two months with the set has made me question whether the hype about the black levels and contrast are worth the drastically reduced brightness that comes with an OLED. I “upgraded” from a Samsung KS8000 and the difference in HDR quality the older set had (due to its ability to hit the necessary nits and allow games to be properly calibrated) is astounding. The LGs don’t hit much brighter than the Vizio so I’m not sure it would be a viable option for me, personally, even if it was within budget; my room also is not the brightest setting by any means.

The Q80T deserves the recommendation it’s received for good reason, from personal experience. As I’m still within the return window, I plan on taking this set back in and exchanging for exactly that set.


I sprung for a Q80T. It was a toss up between this a x900h and a CX. What put me off CX was the risk of burn in, I have the news on all morning before work everyday, i had visions of the news ticker/clock being burnt in! That and they’re only 77” max. X900h as you say seemed to have a load of issues plus the Q80t has far better hdr With more peak brightness. I really like the q80T but be aware there can be issues with DSE, I’ve got a small bit on my set, it’s usually not noticeable though. Ymmv I’ve seen some examples with it really bad. You may have to swap it out it if bothers you.

Thanks for the info. What is DSE ?

Dirty screen effect, or DSE refers to a lack of uniformity in solid colors displayed on LED TVs When the screen displays a mostly white or solid light colours background, you may see that it almost looks dirty, with splotchy areas of gray.

It usually affects panning shots and rears it’s head in sports Football, Hockey etc. Tbh it’s not just the Samsung’s that have it, the Sony’s can have it too - from reports, and to a lesser degree, at least on these 2020 sets.

A bad example