NBA 2K21 PS5 + XSX Gameplay



I think this is the first footage that we have from both next gen consoles, they look the same to me, both look very good.

Where’s that office meme of Pam giving creed the Same picture to look for differences

Impressive be stuff for

same loading time, same graphics, both very good, nice

Sports games tend to go parity I think, I think all the fifas are both 1080p30fps on x1 + ps4.

Jesus this looks so damn good. And those full 3D crowds man. Wow!

The audio sounded really good on the xsx video, im sure the ps5 version will be as good, but the commentary made it harder to hear the game sounds.

Probably just the capture method but one looks a bit sharper than the other to my eyes. Hopefully it’s just down to how they were captured. Or YouTube compression. Or my imagination.

Sx is I higher res no?

Watched them both now. They don’t seem really different to me to be honest. :slight_smile:

Ah, but watching it on the telly shows what’s going on. PS5 video is 1080p while XSX video is 4K.

Sorry I didn’t mention the resolution, im having to use my OG xbox one while I wait for series X, og X1 only goes up to 1080p on YouTube.

30fps “cutscenes” look so jarring coming back and forth from 60fps gameplay.


What’s telly?



Yep. My English aunt always says this, haha.

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