Narrative Action 'Death Noodle Delivery' Launches on PC April 4, Consoles Later This Year

Originally published at: Narrative Action 'Death Noodle Delivery' Launches on PC April 4, Consoles Later This Year - XboxEra

Developers Tiny Pixel and Stupidi Pixel and publisher Troglobytes Games have announced that their Paperboy-inspired narrative adventure title ‘Death Noodle Delivery’ will launch on PC via Steam on the 4th of April. PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch console releases are expected to follow later in the year.

The game will launch in English, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, French, German, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Turkish.

In Death Noodle Delivery, you take on the role of the brave yet constipated rider Jimmy, fresh on a new job delivering noodles across the crime-ridden cyber city he calls home. Armed with a rusty yet trusty jailbreakable hoverboard, the player must navigate both the bustling city streets avoiding its frequent deadly dangers, and the relationships in his apartment complex, where tech-obsessed neighbors, seedy characters and AI malfunctions leave little room for boredom.

The game proposes a blend of fast-paced action and storytelling, allowing players to uncover the secrets of the game world as they progress through the seven-day survival challenge. From engaging in conversations with quirky neighbors to scouring the web for hacks and hidden pleasures, players can let themselves delve deep into the heart of this cyberpunk metropolis. Death Noodle Delivery also features the ability to upgrade and customize your hoverboard into a formidable weapon, transform your old board into a powerful killing machine by hacking AI paywalls and installing new upgrades, such as cat bombs and time warp!

Check out the trailer and gallery below for more details on Death Noodle Delivery.