My ownership of the Xbox Series X is cursed

Gather round and listen to my tale of woe.

I think it was around November 8th, I finally managed to get an order in on the Microsoft website for a series x, shipping December 23rd. Sweet!

Fast forward to a random Friday end of Nov or early Dec, it gets cancelled. Apparently my bank decided to decline the charge, and when I called Microsoft, they go, oh yea you needed to inform your bank.

Ok ok, sucks, but whatever. Then I manage to get a an order in at! A few anxiety filled weeks later I have it in time for christmas! And it’s glorious.

Playing through gears 5 it crashes. A lot. Several reinstalls and factory resets later doesn’t seem to help. And it starts spreading to sea of thieves and Doom. Ok, I ordered a first run machine, its a risk, I start the repair process through Microsoft. Easy enough.

Week or so later they get my machine and send me out a replacement. When I get it I start setting it up there are weird graphical artifacts in the setup text, and when the onscreen keyboard appears it crashes. Tried several times, no go. Ok, the repair place sent me one that wasn’t repaired great, I get it. Lets do it again.

Week later the repair center gets this second broken xbox and sends me a new one. Third box is the charm! Ups delivers my package and I can’t find it. I have no clue where it is. So now I am waiting on a claim from UPS and need to see what happens.

I dont even know if I will get my 550 dollars back at this point. Something about me is cursed with this damn machine.

I’ve had a UPS shipment that “disappeared” in the past. The way it worked for me was that the initiator (in this case it was MS that had shipped it) had to open the claim. In the end I got my money back but since it was a limited edition console (Xbox One X Scorpio Edition) I had to settle for a normal console afterwards.

Feel bad for you man, must suck not being to enjoy your brand new console.

Thanks! Good to know, I will contact MS after the holiday weekend.

The downside of opening a claim with UPS (at least in my area) is now you will need to sign for every future package. If you don’t sign, then you won’t get it. You are red flagged.

Being from outside the US it amazes me how the delivers are done in there. I mean, they just leave the package outside the door? Is that even safe? Isn’t there a risk for the package to be stolen?

In here they ring the bell, me or someone related opens the door, receives the package and signs a receipt. If no one is home they try again the next day. After three failed attempts we have to go pick the package personally in the distribution center.

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My apartment actually has secure delivery lockers and I know the series x fits in them(this was my third one after all).

There was no reason to bring it to my door.

Repair? It wasn’t even months old. Why couldn’t it be replaced?

I have an Amazon Ring camera that watches the front door. People steal packages in USA often. An app on my phone tells me when there is motion by the door.(I would never want to sign for packages because that would be a huge inconvenience. But signing or picking packages up at the UPS store is an option here too.)

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Because they’re sold out?