My favourite narratives in games! No spoiler!

Hello folks it’s time to share what I think are the best narratives in games. The list is long soo be aware.

Alan Wake Alan-wake_logo Ahh my favourite writer does a holiday in a small town inside bright falls. Somewhat the forest turns mad into the darkness. It’s up to Wake to solve the mystery. A plus storytelling and a great plot twist. The narration is unlike in any game I know of so give it a try.

Xenoblade Chronicles 1+2 Xenoblade_Chronicles_2 Those two are absolute masterpieces of storytelling! Two epic JRPG journeys with heartbreaking moments and insane plottwists you find nowhere else. Honestly this is the crown of JRPG FRANCHISES. Nothing really nothing comes close to the scale and epicness here. The game continuously throws more and more unexpected moments at you. Its comparable with the anime gurren lagan if this says something to you. MUSTPLAY if you care for JRPGs.

Bioshock franchise

What should I say… Repture is a hunting place with a vast interesting world unlike anywhere else. The story is vague and player focused but gives you the right amount of knowledge to let yourself lost in this fantastic world and the plottwist hot you hard. Infinite has my favourite support cast ever. Elizabeth is adorable and a though woman you can feel for. The story is great and Columbia is as interesting as Repture and like always in my favourite plots again plottwists. Also play the DLC it does connect Infinite and Bioshock 1 = mustplay.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Let me say the world is the star. Throughout the game you resolve a secret and once you does ohhh man satisfaction. Mustplay for the story alone.

Inside INSIDE_Xbox_One_cover_art A smaller game which twisted my head. I formulated many theories around the ending and what it means. Such a fun time. The atmosphere and everything is something else.

Gears of War 2

Ohh the story had everything. Dramatic moments, tragic losts a, epicness, badassness and humour also some conspiracys and worldbuilding. I love it.

Portal 2

Scientific Labs, sarcastic ai who wants to kill you, a funny sidekick and lore about aperture science made this a special game. Dialogues are soo good and iconic.

Other games I love for the story as well but would take me too much time to list them all. Life is Strange, The last Guardian, Titanfall 2, Final Fantasy 10, Prey (2017), Ori, Wolfenstein The New Order, Sunset Overdrive, Far Cry 3, Hellblade

What is your favourite game narrative and why



I beat Xenoblade Chronicles 2, have the Xenoblade Chronicles 1 Switch collectors edition but haven’t gotten around to playing it and honestly probably won’t until next year

I do think that Xenoblade Chronicles 2 uses A LOT of JRPG tropes but I think they’re actually well done. Usually if a game abuses tropes too much it starts to grate on my nerves but I actually enjoyed the world, story and characters in Xenoblade Chronicles 2


Confession: I have never played any of the Bioshock games :open_mouth:


The payoff in Xenoblade games comes towards the later half of the game, but yeah there are anime tropes which I have no problem with:D

For sure, once you really nail the battle system its actually pretty damn rewarding. I remember doing a blade combo that took 1/2 of Artiface Aion’s health away. Actually speaking of that, I still want to go back and play the Torna expansion, I have it but never got to it. Once I finished XB2 I got pre-occupied with other games

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Spec Ops: The Line is my absolute favourite as far as in-game narrative goes.

A game that intentionally pretends to be a generic dudebro shooter of the era, that slowly turns into a descent towards madness, making you second guess everything in war. It tackles a lot of the psychological issues, moral dilemmas and political troubles of such conflicts brilliantly, with an endgame that holds back no punches whatsoever. It’s one of my favourites also because it doesn’t just tell a good story: a lot of CRPGs and point and click titles have fantastic stories presented in a flat manner. This title uses meta-narrative that ties into the very core of the gameplay, making the player “part of the problem” directly, even going as far as taunting the player during loading screens. It’s a narrative masterpiece that needs to be experienced.

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I hate the term dude bro shooter xD but yeah spec ops was great.

My favourite PNC is Deponia Doomsday soo good.

Yeah, it’s a dumb term, but they intentionally played into that sort of marketing and clichés. They knew what they were doing, they wanted people to feel comfortable thinking it’s a shooter where the American heroes go into some Middle Eastern country, shoot down the baddies, then walk out with a victory parade.

“Do you feel like a hero yet?”


Yeeep around the Modern Warfare era.

I’m not deep into semi-modern era military shooters. Immersion was a problem with some of my personal experiences. This is not the first I’ve heard of something much deeper alluded to for this title. Too bad I had it on a PC I have to [help my kid] rebuild and refuse to until I see all that Nvidia, AMD and Intel offer to support newer architecture (like RTX 30xx asset streaming hardware acceleration)

For my own topic examples, Xenogears is probably one of my favorite narratives. As a kid, FFVI did that when Kefka was shown to be a genocidal villan on a scale I’d never seen [is this a spoiler? I don’t know how to blur it on a phone]. Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne was an apocalyptic roller coaster from very early on that enthralled me at the time.

A runner up award for subnarratives that made me tear up more than any other game I can think of: Lost Odyssey.

Press on the settings gear and choose blur to hide stuff.

Never played Xenogears but this is a game from monolith who are the developers for Xenoblade.

Found it, thank you! Took a bit. The entire menu was covered by my phones copy/paste menu.

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