My captures are coming out very dark

This has been going on for me for months, now. It seems to be every capture on Warzone and less frequent on other games.

I’m using a Series X.

Has anyone else here had the same problem?

By captures do you mean recordings? Because if so and you are recording 4K HDR clips thats a bug that xbox has refused to fix since launch.

Yes, but I think the issue is wider than that, as I have 4k HDR turned off. I have it set to 1080p.

Do you have hdr on for the clip recording at 1080p

Speaking of capture’s why did Microsoft stop the option to record 5 min clips? I really liked that.

No. The more I look into it, the more it just seems to be affecting Warzone.

In your settings capture in SDR not HDR, there is a bug with HDR