MS x Bethesda and Xbox overall : Can we take a minute to enjoy these hilariously bad takes?

My day started off pretty shitty, just not in a good mood and I decided to throw on some YouTube, just to kill some time. Since I watch plenty game related stuff a certain video was in my recommendations list. Basically this dude picked a few incredibly bad takes and that’s an understatement about MS acquiring Bethesda and just Xbox (Series X and S) in general.

I really needed this laugh. If this kind of stuff is not allowed, no big deal I will remove it all. Personally I see no harm in it. These are grown people though, that makes it extra crazy to me, but I also find it absolute comedy!

I’m happy it improved your mood. :wink: But I think it’s better if we don’t post these kind of threads. It just leads to console warring.