MS Should Let Win10 Games Run on XSX/XSS

Think about this: Windows 10 games running on XSS/XSX provided system specs allow it could mean vastly improved BC (let us choose which version to play, mods!!), more games to play, AND it kills any competitive advantage to PS5 having ‘console exclusives’. Additionally, you could play some Sony 1P titles on Xbox consoles this way (Death Stranding, Horizon, and future offerings).



This could happen.


The same way we are able to play Xbox games on PC through xCloud, I think we will be able to play Windows 10 games on Xbox through streaming.

But only games available through the Microsoft Store, not Epic nor Steam. I can’t see a scenario where we might be able to play Horizon on Xbox.

I suppose they would need to allow Steam on console for validation perhaps. Might be clever ways around some of that though.

A very likely scenario would be steam VR!

MS’s Mixed Reality efforts are geared towards open platform. They recently collaborated with HP and Valve to make Reverb G2 VR headset which is about to launch as well. The headset is premium and early reviews are all positive.

Steam VR will sell these consoles like a hot hot cake on a Good Friday evening.


Boooo! :stuck_out_tongue:

Why not? If they can find a way to erase the ‘console exclusive’ tactics from Sony why wouldn’t they wanna do that? After all, it brings lots more games to Xbox owners.

The only way this would work is if it was all done through the Windows/Xbox PC store. MS is not going to let Epic or Valve stores on their loss leading console.

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Yup, def true. I think it might work via their Windows storefront.